4 Ways To Open Your Trunk When Your Trunk Won’t Open

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Cars are complex mechanisms, which means that there is a lot that goes into keeping your car moving. Even if your vehicle is stationary and not on the move, there are still parts of your vehicle that come into play because you will still have to interact with them in some way. Common examples of these parts include your car door locks and your car trunk locks. 

When dealing with any kind of lock, there is always the likelihood that you can end up locked out of your car, locked out of your trunk, or even leaving your car keys locked inside your car. If you are presented with a scenario where you are locked out of your trunk, how do you get back into your trunk when your car trunk won’t open? Let’s dive right into it:

Why Your Trunk Won’t Open

To be able to successfully get back into your car trunk, there are a few things you should understand and be aware of. These elements encompass the ways in which you are locked out of your trunk. Being aware of how this occurs will not only influence how you solve the problem, but it will also ensure that you are never stuck in this same situation ever again.

In most cases, you might end up locked out of your trunk because you locked your keys in your car, your trunk lock is broken, or because there is a problem that stems from your car key fob. Each of these problems, no matter how they may arise, can result in you being locked out of your trunk, looking for a way to get back in. So let’s figure out how to do just that.

How To Unlock Your Car Trunk

1. Re-Examine Your Car Trunk

Most people will come to understand that revisiting a problem is a key way to overcome them, and this is something that we will constantly tell you to try, especially if you are locked out of your car or your home. 

In this particular instance, taking the time to reexamine your trunk might be a simple way to solve the issue when your trunk won’t open. When you can do the work yourself it is not just the lowest cost to unlock a car, but can also be the quickest solution.

Essentially, drivers should take the time to double check their cars and ascertain that their trunks are actually locked and inaccessible. Doing so gives you the chance to rule out the possibility of your car trunk being opened before you explore any other solution. 

Simply try to unlock your car trunk and see if it is, in any way, responsive. This can be done by attempting to insert your key, using your key fob, or manually unlocking your trunk. If each of these methods proves unresponsive, move on to the next step.

2. Try To Open Your Trunk From The Inside

Sometimes when your trunk won’t open, the best solution is to pay less attention to the trunk itself and focus on other aspects of your vehicle. If you are not stuck in a complete car lockout, it might help to try and open your car trunk by fidgeting with some aspect of the interior of your vehicle. 

Before you think this is a universal solution for whenever your trunk won’t open, you should understand that this will not work on every car trunk. Also, you need to know how to open a locked car door safely without overstressing the door, glass, or internal components.

Ideally, this solution is geared towards vehicles that either give you access to the trunk of your car via the backseat or by use of a manual button that allows you to retract your backseat. If your vehicle gives you this option, you can use this process to regain entry into your trunk. If not, the additional solutions listed below will help you get your car trunk open. 

3. Use Do-It-Yourself Options

If the solutions above have not been fruitful, and you are still locked out of the trunk of your car, you can resort to some DIY options that might help you unlock your trunk. DIY options can be implemented in several ways. 

The first involves focusing solely on your trunk lock and attempting to bypass it, while the other solution involves unlocking the car itself if you are locked out. The former can easily be accomplished by picking your trunk lock in order to gain entry. 

However, because the solution itself is simple to see, does not mean that it is simple to implement. Picking a trunk lock is not necessarily an easy affair for someone who is not familiar with this process. Just like you should not drill a lock if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t pick a lock if you don’t understand the process.

The latter is a lot easier to execute, but it is contingent on a specific set of preexisting conditions. These conditions include the main compartment of your car is unlocked, and your car giving you access to your trunk.

4. Contact An Auto Locksmith

In the tradition of saving the best for last, this final solution is the most streamlined option that drivers can take advantage of when they are trying to unlock their car trunks. Some drivers will come to realize that not all the solutions above will be easy for them to flawlessly execute, and that is completely OK. 

In instances like this, it is best to seek help from professional auto locksmiths who have more experience dealing with issues like these. An auto locksmith has the experience and skills necessary to unlock your trunk, and all of these traits are at your disposal. 

This makes it a more efficient process to get back into your trunk, at least much more than it would if you handled it on your own. If you are locked out of your trunk, call an auto locksmith to help you with the problem at hand. 

Closing Thoughts

Being locked out of the trunk of your car does not need to be a problem that you deal with for an extended period of time. Choosing the right solution will help you solve the problem faster, and it will help you get back into your car without causing any further damage.

Getting back inside is not always the final solution if you have a car key not working. You may need additional locksmith services even if you do get back inside your trunk when it won’t open. So be sure to contact the best locksmith in Los Angeles.

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