5 Car Lockout Tips From Expert Locksmiths

by Daniel on

Car lockouts are common occurrences, and they crop up for all manner of reasons, some of which cannot be prevented. In some cases you might be locked out of your car because your car key is broken, leaving you incapable of opening or operating your car.

In other scenarios, you might lose your car keys, a  situation which also renders you unable to get back into your vehicle. Regardless of how your car lockout may arise, the important thing is knowing what to do while you are stuck in the midst of one.

Locksmith Pros USA understands how to navigate these scenarios because we have an ample amount of experience dealing with them. The most important thing that drivers have to remember to do is stay calm and poised so they can navigate their car lockout with cool heads. 

Here are the 5 car lockout tips that will help you effectively, and safely, navigate these scenarios:

1. Keep An Eye On Your Surroundings

As drivers know, car lockouts can pop up at any time, and for any reason. This is why one of the most important tips for dealing with a car lockout involves taking the time to assess your immediate surroundings when you find yourself locked out of your car.

Not only does this alertness give you the chance to keep calm, but it also helps give drivers a good idea of where they are physically located, as well as whether or not they are in a safe space. It might sound like a simple, inconsequential thing to do, but it goes a long way to help.

For instance, if you are locked outside of your car late at night, in an unfamiliar location, assessing your surroundings helps you judge the flow of traffic, as well as any other hazards that might be in your immediate area.

Being aware also helps you pinpoint any nearby solutions that you can take advantage of. It is often the case that drivers put themselves in danger when they are stuck in a lockout, by frantically trying to find an immediate solution without determining whether they are safe or not.

2. Always Double Check Your Car Door Locks

Now, while staying calm and level-headed, you should attempt to troubleshoot your car door locks to see what the problem is. Troubleshooting your door locks is an indispensable tip that most drivers do not have the insight to take advantage of. 

The fact that you are currently trapped outside your vehicle does not mean that there is no way for you to get back in, it may be somewhat of a challenging endeavor, but it can be done. Taking the time to double check all of your door locks and other entry points into your vehicle can potentially save you a great deal of time and money.

Drivers should check the passenger compartments of their vehicle to see if they prove to be a viable point of entry. In addition to this, it helps to check the trunk lock as well. Some drivers can gain access to the interior sections of their cars by utilizing their trunks as an access point, but only if the model of the car allows for this. 

If you have lost your car keys, one of these other entry points might be able to get you back into your car while you wait for further or assistance or hopefully retrieve a spare car key stashed in your vehicle. On the other hand, if problems with your car door lock are the reason for your car lockout, then one of your other door lock cylinders might be fully operational. 

3. Call For A Spare Key Or Alert Someone To Your Location

If you are still unable to get back into your vehicle, you should take steps to make yourself visible, as well as alert someone to your location as soon as possible. This tip has several layers to it, which I will explain. 

First, taking the step to alert someone to your location serves as a safety backup, and it also gives you the chance to reach out to any friends or family members who might have a spare key to your vehicle, or know how to assist you in some other way.

Making yourself visible is also meant to ensure that no other motorists accidentally harm you while you look for a solution. Also, it helps keep you in plain sight, especially if you are locked out of your car in the middle of the night and there are very few people around. The last thing you would want to do is put yourself in a precarious position.

4. Try Alternative DIY Entry Methods

Depending on the scenario that leads to your car lockout, there are some alternative entry methods that you can use to get back in your vehicle and successfully back on the road. If your car key is broken, most of the alternative entry methods you can take advantage of will simply get you back in your vehicle, but they will not help you operate your vehicle. 

However, if you are locked out of your car because you locked your keys in the car, there are a few solutions that you can employ. Some of these include the improvised use of materials like shoelaces, wedges, probes, etc that can help you manually unlock your car door on your own. 

Keep in mind that these solutions will not work on every car model, but it is possible that it will help you get back into your vehicle. 

5. Call For Professional Assistance

Sometimes, you will not be able to get your car door unlocked on your own, nor will you be able to find an alternative way back in. In situations such as this, your best bet is to call for assistance so that the problem can be rectified as soon as possible. 

Drivers can reach out to the police, roadside assistance providers like AAA, or to an auto locksmith

Auto locksmiths are generally regarded as the most ideal solution in this scenario because they can provide services that the police or companies like AAA cannot. If your keys are locked in your car, the police can help you open your car in some cases.

However, if your car lockout is due to a broken key, or a broken car door lock, only an auto locksmith will have the tools and equipment necessary to meet you at a location and handle the job on the spot.

Closing Thoughts 

Always remember that when you are faced with a car lockout, the most important thing to do is to keep a level head and calmly analyze your predicament. This will prevent you from causing any further, and unnecessary, damage to your vehicle as you try to make your way back in.

If you cannot find any viable solutions, do not hesitate to reach out to an auto locksmith that is equipped to assist you. Locksmith Pros USA provides mobile auto locksmith services, so give us a call today if you are locked out of your car.

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