8 Door Lock Tips From Locksmith Pros Experts

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The expert team at Locksmith Pros USA would like to provide a bit of guidance for those who want to know more about door locks. These door lock tips will inform readers on not just the best practices to get the most security for the locks you already have, but also help to save money on new locks, while still getting the security you need. If you take all of these expert door lock tips to heart, you will be doing yourself, your property, and the people in your life a tremendous service.

1. Always Lock Your Deadbolt

The deadbolt is the foundational source of your door’s security. If you are not using a deadbolt, then your most foundational element of protection is compromised. Though it might be a bit more inconvenient to insert your key every time you leave the home rather than turn the switch on the back of your door handle/knob, it is the most secure choice.

Criminals can defeat door handles and knobs much easier than deadbolts. A deadbolt will also help the most to keep your door closed during instances where someone is kicking or striking the door in order to open it. When you want something to be safe, use your deadbolt.

2. Only Install Deadbolts On Solid Core Doors

Hollow core doors are meant to be used as interior doors intended solely for privacy. When a deadbolt is placed on a door, that means you are investing in security rather than the privacy provided by door handles (keyed or unkeyed).

There is no need to install a deadbolt on anything other than a solid core door. If the criminal ignores the lock, a solid core door is less likely to break or become compromised during a break-in. Do not undermine the security of your lock by placing it on an insecure door. 

3. Pay For The Security You Need

There are many supposed security features in modern locks, and security ratings that don’t actually translate into the type of protection that benefits most customers. The trick is to find out what you need rather than be led to believe you need features you could save money by living without. 

On the flipped side of this same coin, it is important that you do not risk your safety by not making the proper investment in your security. Important lock features such as key complexity, drill protection, and cutting resistance, can make a lock rather expensive. If you need the security, it is important to pay for it. 

4. Keep All Door Locks Functioning

When a door lock breaks or begins working unreliably, it is extremely important to have it repaired or replaced. The experts at Locksmith Pros USA say, not only is there no point in having a lock that does not work, it can also lead to catastrophe. Interfering with exiting a structure during an emergency, or allowing criminals to enter the home, or room, without incident.

5. Do Not Install Thumbturns Near Windows

A thumbturn is placed on the interior side of the door and provides a way to lock and lock a deadbolt without the use of a key. If this type of actuator is near enough to a window or glass boundaries, the lock is considered insecure.

The experts at Locksmith Pros strongly recommend using double-sided deadbolts on doors in close proximity to glass, pet doors, etc. These locks require the use of a key no matter which side of the door is accessed on. However, the use of a double cylinder deadbolt effectively makes the door used on a wall for the purposes of emergency evacuation.

6. Purchase Locks To Prevent Drilling & Lock Picking

Though many criminals are not going to pick your locks, and thieves drilling locks may not be common in your area, both picking and drilling resistance do more than protect against just those attacks. Drilling resistance in a lock comes in handy by itself, but it can also equate to a general strength for the lock hardware, which makes your door more secure due to the added metal content.

Anti lock picking precautions will help protect against anyone trying to impression the lock to make their own key. Everything that makes a lock more difficult to pick also makes a lock more difficult to open with a bump key. General good features for your security are included in drill and pick resistant locks.

7. Upgrade Your The Security Around Your Lock

One of the points that the experts at Locksmith Pros USA want to stress about door locks is that they are only one part of your overall security. If you neglect the other potentially vulnerable parts of a structure or home, then the lock can be undermined through the exploitation of another security weakness.

8. The Hardware Store Is Not Best Place To Buy Locks

Many of the best lock brands are not carried at any hardware store. Though this may be the first place you think to buy your locks, it is ill-advised. This expert tip from Locksmith Pros will save you from spending money on low-quality locks sold for premium prices, and avoid the reliably terrible advice and insight from hardware store employees.

The internet is certainly an option for purchasing door locks, especially if you are making your purchase directly from the manufacturer. However, when you purchase your new door locks through a locksmith you can take advantage of even more expert advice. Also, the same Locksmith Pros experts who provided this insight can make sure that your door locks are properly installed.

A Final Word From Our Experts

Good security begins with the locks you use on your door. If you are using your locks properly, most criminals will never be able to give you trouble. For better peace of mind and a safer life, follow the advice in these expert tips from Locksmith Pros. For more tips, insight, and help with this or any other security related concern, contact the best locksmith in Los Angeles. Locksmith Pros is waiting to hear from you.

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