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Car Key Cutting In Los Angeles

Car key cutting is a part of the process needed to successfully complete a car key duplication, but the process of car key cutting itself does not rely on car key duplication in any given way. Car key cutting is another method that can be used to replace a car key, in the absence of having a working key on hand. The locksmith will take the time to find the key code that will be used to cut your car key. 

This can either be done by means of your vehicle identification number (VIN), by decoding a key (even if it’s broken), or by decoding your ignition cylinder. As you can tell, each of these methods is slightly more complicated than the simple car key duplication process. Our Los Angeles car key cutting locksmiths can do each of these, as well as other locksmtih services.

VIN Method

Decoding a car key through its VIN is actually quite simple. Vehicle identification numbers give people a lot of information about the specifics of a vehicle, including a unique production number. Our Los Angeles car key cutting locksmiths can look this production number up on a computer, and they’ll be given the exact key cut that they need.

After that, it’s just a matter of transferring the information to a key-cutting machine and getting your new key made. This is easily the most simple key-cutting method. Our Los Angeles car key cutting locksmiths will be very grateful if you have your VIN ready. If not, there are other options.

Key Decoding Method

Decoding the key is doable even if it’s broken, although it’s more difficult this way. Decoding is done using key-decoders, which are devices that change from brand to brand. These devices measure the depth of each point in the key and assign this depth a number. This sequence of numbers is given to a key-cutting machine, and the machine then makes the key.

If the key is broken, it can still be decoded as long as both halves are present. The bitting on broken keys can still be measured like unbroken bitting, as you can imagine. Key decoding is all about having the correct decoder on hand, something that our Los Angeles car key cutting technicians have.

Ignition Decoding Method

The ignition can also be picked to decode the key and allow a cutting machine to make you a duplicate. Much like the other decoding methods, you essentially need the right equipment. In this case, you need auto lock picks or decoders that you can insert into the ignition. The way they’re inserted and interact with the ignition tells you the code of the ignition.

Whatever state your car or key is in, there’s a decoding method that would work for you. Locksmith Pros USA car key cutting in Los Angeles can help get you a working key in no time.


Can car keys be duplicated?

Car keys can be duplicated the same way that residential keys can. Give us a call if you need car key cutting in Los Angeles.

How do you make a duplicate car key?

Car keys must be duplicated using the right equipment, like decoders, key cutters, and certain types of picks. Our car key cutting in Los Angeles has all of the equipment necessary.

How can I copy a chipped car key?

If you have the chipped part, it can be copied like any other. If only one side is chipped, the key is usually symmetrical and can still be copied easily. If you’re unsure, call one of our Los Angeles car key cutting technicians and ask about your key.

Are there keys that cannot be duplicated?

There are patent laws that make duplicating some keys illegal. But physically speaking, it’s essentially always possible to duplicate a key.

How long does it take to cut a key?

It only takes a few minutes to cut a key. We can get it done for you in a snap if you need car key cutting in Los Angeles.

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