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Car Key Duplication in Los Angeles

Car key duplication is a nifty process that helps drivers get the most out of their car keys. It would be impossible for drivers to control their vehicles if they did not have the right key on hand. But for that you need to make sure everyone who needs a key, has one. Locksmith Pros USA can help with that.

The car key duplication process makes it easy for drivers to gain access to a set of spare keys, which might end up being the difference between being locked out of your car and having access to your vehicle.

Duplicating a car key is, by far, one of the easiest methods that can be used to obtain an additional working key for your vehicle. Other methods that can be explored include car key cutting and car key replacement, but these require a few more steps before a working key can finally be placed in a driver’s hand.

How Car Keys Are Duplicated

Car keys are duplicated by means of either a traditional key cutter or a laser key cutter. These car key duplicator machines are often used on specific types of keys. For instance, laser key cutters are typically used on keys that have their bitting on the side of the key.

Traditional key cutters work best for keys that have their bitting located on the top and bottom of the original key. In order for the key to be duplicated, both the original key and the appropriate key blank are placed side by side in the car key duplicator machine. As this process becomes more difficult it requires the oversight of a car locksmith.


How long does it take to make duplicate car keys?

Car key duplication is much different than a car key replacement job or a car key cutting job. Although most drivers think that the times to complete these jobs are similar, they are actually different. The length of a car key duplication job depends on the type of key you want to duplicate, as well as the key duplication machine used. A typical car key duplication job should last no longer than 15 minutes.

What is the difference between duplicating a car key and cutting a car key?

The differences between these two services are rather subtle. In some ways, duplicating car keys are considered a variation of car key cutting, but car key cutting is not a variant of car key duplication. In order to duplicate a car key, you need to have a working key present that facilitates the duplication process. Car keys can be cut from scratch with nothing but a key blank and the right key code. Duplication is merely the process of copying an existing key.

Will I need to program my duplicate car keys before they work with my car?

If a transponder key is being duplicated, then the duplicate car key will have to be programmed to your vehicle. Transponder key programming is an additional service that stands apart from car key duplication. If you do not have a transponder key, then no car key programming will be necessary.

Can my car key be duplicated if I do not have my original key present?

Unfortunately not. In order to duplicate a car key, an original working key has to be available. This means that the key cannot be damaged or broken, it should remain intact. If not, then you will need to replace your car key and program it to your vehicle accordingly. 

How much does car key duplication typically cost in Los Angeles?

Car key duplication costs in Los Angeles typically vary based on the type of key being duplicated. Car key duplication for basic car keys ranges between $1.50 to $4. However, duplicating more modern car keys that have additional features (more modern transponder keys), starts at $120. 

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