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Broke your car key off in the lock? You need the best car key extraction in Los Angeles, courtesy of Locksmith Pros USA.

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Los Angeles Car Key Extraction

So – your key has broken off inside your car lock. Now, not only do you need a car key replacement, but you have to get the remaining key out of there so your car is still useable. It’s jammed in there pretty good, and you have no way to get it out yourself. You’re going to need the right tools and an expert hand.

Locksmith Pros USA has you covered. We have the perfect professional locksmith services to perform a car key extraction in Los Angeles for you, no matter where in the city you are. Call us now, and we’ll have one of our expert mobile technicians on their way to your vehicle.

Reasons For Needed A Car Key Extraction In Los Angeles

Keys don’t break off in cars as often as in other types of locks, but it still happens more than you’d think. Every time you use your key, you wear down the metal just a little bit. After a lot of use, this metal will eventually be worn down to the point that it breaks. Cold weather can cause this metal to be more fragile than usual, increasing wear.

Sometimes something is wrong with the lock itself. A sticky lock can cause a key to wear down faster. Debris stuck inside can damage the key. A cylinder that won’t turn can cause the user to overturn the key in frustration, making it snap off. Whatever the cause, our Los Angeles car key extraction technicians can help you out.

Los Angeles Car Key Extraction Process

To extract a car key, our Los Angeles car key extraction locksmiths have to first lubricate the lock to allow the key to slide out better. Without lubrication, the extraction process could result in damage to the lock.

After the lock is lubricated, the locksmith either uses a key extraction tool or a key extraction kit with a spiral key extractor. The usual key extraction tools look a bit like lock picks. They’re inserted into the lock and catch onto the key bitting, pulling them out. The spiral key extractor is a bit similar mechanically, using the sides of a rotating spiral to extract the broken key piece.

Steps After Los Angeles Car Key Extraction

After you’ve successfully extracted the key, the locksmith’s job still isn’t done. You’re going to need something to replace that key, as well as any possible lock repairs.

Our Los Angeles car key extraction technicians can cut a new car key for you, so you have something to take the old key’s place. Also, as key breakages are often rough, there’s likely something wrong with the car lock itself. In those cases, we can repair your car door locks in a snap.


What is a key extraction?

Sometimes, keys break off inside locks. In those instances, a locksmith uses a broken key extraction tool to extract the remaining pieces.

How do you get a stuck key out of a car door lock?

You need an extractor tool or extraction kit. Our technicians can perform car key extraction in Los Angeles for you.

What do you do when your key gets stuck?

If your key gets stuck, you can call a locksmith to remove it for you. At Locksmith Pros USA, we offer car key extraction in Los Angeles.

Why is my car key stuck?

There are a few reasons why a key can get stuck. Most likely, there’s debris inside the lock that the key is catching on. It could have also become sticky. If it’s hot out, the metal could have warped and prevented you from removing your key.

How does a broken key extractor work?

Broken key extractors catch onto the bitting inside the piece of key, allowing it to be pulled out.

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