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Car Key Replacement Los Angeles

Depending on the type of car you have, there will be different services that you need in order to replace the car key. Because the diversity of automobiles in the city of Los Angeles is so great, there are only a select few locksmiths who are prepared to take on any job. That is why when you need car key replacement in Los Angeles, the best company to call is Locksmith Pros USA.

There are also several aspects of car key replacement that you may need depending on the complexity of the key you are using. Some car keys can be copied at hardware stores, but there will be restrictions based on the key blanks, and you will need a working key. If you don’t want to worry about whether or not the car key replacement will work after you get it, hire a professional car locksmith in Los Angeles.

Cutting Car Keys in Los Angeles

If you are one of the many drivers in Los Angeles whose car has a keyed ignition or even doors that can be locked or unlocked with a physical key, your car key replacement will involve car key cutting. Of course, there may be other services you will need along with car key cutting, but you will at least need this basic service.

Car key cutting is done by either using an existing key as the blueprint for the new cuts or by finding the car key code that will allow a key machine to cut a new key without an old key present.

Whether you have a key for a double-sided wafer lock or a slider key (which will need a laser key cutter machine), Locksmith Pros can cut you a new key with or without a working copy. There will be other avenues of getting a new car key cut in Los Angeles, but Locksmith Pros USA presents you with the most options and experience.

Los Angeles Car Key Duplication

Car key duplication means you have an existing key that is being used as a template for the new key. This is the simplest, fastest, and least complicated form of car key replacement. However, in Los Angeles, car key duplication can mean programming and/or car key cutting. Sometimes just one. Sometimes both. Call now to find out what you need.

There are kiosks, self-serve key cutters, and hardware stores that can duplicate car keys, but you still need to know the full extent of the service you need. There is no employee staffed in these locations that has information on every type of car key readily available. Undergoing this process without a professional locksmith is a perfect way to end up with a car key that does not work.

To replace car keys in Los Angeles in this manner it is still a good idea to contact Locksmith Pros USA. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, do not risk having access to your automobile by trying to duplicate you care keys yourself.

Best Practices For Car Key Replacement in Los Angeles

Everyone would like to save as much money as possible on their car key replacement. Life in Los Angeles is hard enough with the high cost of living, let alone the price to own and maintain a car. So when something as small, and seemingly uncomplicated as a key breaks, gets lost, etc., it can be tempting to look for price shortcuts with your car key replacement.

Locksmith Pros USA would like to caution you against certain go-to solutions, which can be potentially disastrous when you are looking to save money on car key replacement in Los Angeles. First of all, be careful where you buy your replacement key. Online sellers will have enticing prices, but if the keys are broken, or have already been cut/programmed, they will be unusable.

If you want to program or cut the key yourself, understand that you will be taking more time than a professional. If your time is worth quite a bit to you, it is not obvious that spending money to hire a professional is actually cheaper.

There is a chance that you could make a mistake at any point when doing this work yourself. You also have to think about your recourse for correcting the mistake. If you hire someone and they don’t deliver on your Los Angeles car key replacement, you can get a refund on hire Locksmith Pros USA.

Transponder Key Programming Los Angeles

A transponder key is a car key that uses a transponder chip as a means of secondary validation that the correct key is being used. This is an anti-theft measure, but it does make car key replacement more complicated. First of all, transponder keys are not always obvious to the layman. You might not know that you need a car key replacement that has a programmable chip.

Once you know you need a replacement car key with a transponder chip, you need the right type of key blank. Then you need to program the transponder key. Almost every car company and model has a different programming procedure. They may require at least one spare key (and perhaps more). In these instances, you will need a car key locksmith in Los Angeles, because only they will be able to circumvent the DIY method of reprogramming.

Car Key Fob Programming in Los Angeles

A car key fob is used to refer to one of two things. The first is a car key for an automobile with push-button ignition. These keyless ignitions still have keys, but they are exclusively electronic. The second meaning for a car key fob is a car key remote. A car key remote is technically a key, as it does open the doors on the vehicle.

Both of these devices are exclusively electronic. Both of these types of car key replacement are also best left to a locksmith. If you do not already have an existing key fob you cannot program a new car key fob without accessing the car’s onboard diagnostics port. 

Only the dealership and a locksmith will have the tools for this type of reprogramming, and when it comes to car key replacement in Los Angeles, Locksmith Pros USA will always be cheaper than the dealership.


What is the cost of new car keys in Los Angeles?

Car key replacement services in Los Angeles have a base price of $120. The particular car key you need may cost more because of the higher price of replacement parts, and you could also need various methods of duplication including programming and cutting. With a $15 service charge, you can find out the full breakdown of what you need to replace your car keys.

Do I need the original key in order to get a new key?

When you choose Locksmith Pros USA for your car key replacement in Los Angeles, you can rest assured that you do not need a spare key. A competent and prepared auto locksmith can use a blank key and your car to make a new key. No matter if the key needs to be cut, programmed, or both, car key replacement is possible to do with no working key.

Can a locksmith replace my car key remote?

A car key remote is just another type of car key. This is not an issue for any serious locksmith. Locksmith Pros USA is the best choice for replacing a car key remote in Los Angeles. We will have the best prices, all the replacement remotes you could possibly need, and the skills to program the key no matter what you have working against you.

How long does it take to make new car keys in Los Angeles?

Making new car keys can be done very quickly. How fast is dependant on the type of car key that is being replaced. Every additional type of additional service will cost more time. If you need the key code to be gathered from the VIN (vehicle identification number), there are certain protocols that are built into the equipment to take time (meant to prevent the tools from being used by criminals). But all in all, this is not a process that is time intensive.

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