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Car Lockout Los Angeles

If you are locked out of your car in Los Angeles, you need a car locksmith with the tools and knowledge to get you back in so you can start driving again as soon as possible. Driving is a necessity in a city like Los Angeles, and you are not going to be doing much unless you can unlock your car. How important vehicles are in the city is the main reason a Los Angeles car lockout is pretty much the worst type of lockout.

With so many drivers in Los Angeles, the number of cars we service is almost as startling as the number of different vehicles Locksmith Pros USA works with. This is very important because the type of car you have determines what is needed to get it open. If you call up any old auto locksmith to handle your car lockout, you might be in for a surprise when they have no experience with your specific car.

The moment you find that you are experiencing a car lockout, it is time to call for help. Unfortunately, help can take a while to arrive for the same reason you need your car. Everyone has a car, so Los Angeles traffic creates traffic complications for those coming to your rescue. It is only Locksmith Pros who staffs enough automotive locksmiths so we can always reach your car faster than the competition.

How A Los Angeles Locksmith Solves A Car Lockout

It is best to let a professional car locksmith handle your locked car, but it is no secret how these processes work. The success of using these techniques is dependent on training and personal tutelage under the close oversight of a master locksmith. For the purposes of trust and transparency, Locksmith Pros would like to explain some of the methods that we use to solve the countless car lockouts in Los Angeles.

The Wedging Technique – A quick and almost universal technique used to solve a car lockout is the wedge and probe technique, sometimes called wedging or the wedge technique. An auto locksmith will take a soft rubber wedge or air wedge, and insert it at the top of the door between the door and the door frame.

This insertion process can go wrong when amateurs attempt it. Without proper handling, you can scuff the paint on the car or damage the door itself with minor scuffs, dents, or worse. This is why it is very important to have a professional locksmith use the wedge. Once the wedge is inserted and a gap is made, the gap should not be opened too large or held open too long.

An overextended gap can break the window glass or over-torque the door so it no longer shuts properly or reliably. When a professional automotive locksmith approaches a Los Angeles car lockout, they know that they are under a time crunch not only because the customer expects the work to be done fast, but also because the car can be damaged if the work takes too long.

You can also run into issues if car door lock repair has been neglected. Any broken connections in the door lock assembly may prevent this or other forms of lock manipulation. A door with working locks should be used for this car lockout solution.

Picking Car Locks – Lock picking, in general, is not something that can be done effectively without consistent and focused practice. Car lock picking is not often used because it is a slower process and it is difficult for technicians to train on the vast array of locks used on the seemingly endless variety of makes and models in Los Angeles. However, there are several instances where this method of entry will be the only option.

Several luxury cars have deadlocking features that will keep doors locked until a key is used. Sometimes lock picking will be enough to simulate a working car key, so more severe forms of entry can be avoided. It is unlikely that you will need lock picking to solve your Los Angeles car lockout, but with Locksmith Pros, it is always an option.

If the keyway is blocked you may need car key extraction services before lock picking can begin. It is important not to try to pick your own car locks. Attempting to stick foreign objects into your car door locks is a good way to damage your vehicle. Leave this type of work to someone who has experience with car lockouts.

Through the Door – This method of entry might sound a little startling, but it is actually one of the most recognizable car lockout solutions. You might be familiar with a Slim Jim, which is a flat rectangular strip of metal that is inserted down between the weather stripping and window glass on a car door. Slim Jims themselves work on a lot of older cars, but there are other through the door tools locksmiths can use.

Any of these tools present problems when they are not used by professionals. Modern cars hold a lot of wiring in the doors, and moving tools around in that gap risks dislodging important electrical and safety devices. Do not root around in car door, especially if you are using something like a Slim Jim that requires you to find an actuator by feel, and jerk it upwards. You might be able to buy a Slim Jim at a store because Los Angeles has everything, but it is not an easy tool to use effectively, even when it will work.  

Through the door tools work on one of two basic principles. The Slim Jim type tools interact with the connection between the lock cylinder and the interior lock. Instead of unlocking the door from the inside, you interact with the intermediary connection within the door. The second method involves the tool resurfacing on the interior side of the window glass and rotating to actually interact with the post, push button, or switch locks.


What is the average wait time for Los Angeles car lockout services?

All Angelenos have somewhere to go, because we have busy lives, and traffic is already going to slow you down enough already, so Locksmith Pros USA is committed to fast and courteous arrival and service times. We can have a technician at your location in 20 to 30 minutes. Service itself should not exceed 20 minutes unless you require more than car lockout services.

Will there be any damage or need to replace parts after a locksmith opens my car?

Every Locksmith Pros USA technician is trained to care for your car, so you won’t be able to tell that anything out of the ordinary was done to the vehicle. There are very rare instances with highly specific cars, which may require more extreme steps to solve the car lockout. But a locksmith will inform you of the risks of specialty procedures before beginning.

Can I unlock my car myself?

Here at Locksmith Pros USA, we understand how desperate a car lockout in Los Angeles can get, but we would caution against attempting to open your own vehicle. There are several DIY solutions that you might be able to use, but there is always the chance that untrained attempts to open car door locks will make the situation work or damage a car.

How much does it cost for Los Angeles car lockout services?

All service calls cost $15 dollars. This is the price for the locksmith to drive to your location, no matter where you are locked out of your car in Los Angeles. After the assessment of the type of service you need, the car locksmith will give you a quote. The starting price for car lockouts in Los Angeles is $35, but depending on the security of your car the work required to get in may cost more. Expect to pay at least $50.

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