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Our ignition rekey services are available for all the drivers in or passing through the greater Los Angeles Area.

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Los Angeles Ignition Rekey

It’s easy to not think of your ignition as a “lock” in the traditional sense. It likely has many more complicated electronics involved than your front door lock, and many ignition cylinders are being replaced by pushable buttons. Are there really locking mechanisms inside there, much like your front door?

The truth is ignition cylinders can be rekeyed just like any other lock. The lock system isn’t arbitrary – and you can have it reconfigured to work with a different key. Our expert Los Angeles locksmiths can help you with your ignition rekey. They can rekey your ignition for you so that you don’t have to worry about someone with the wrong key or a key that’s altogether broken.

How To Know You Need An Ignition Rekey In Los Angeles

If you’ve just had an ignition replacement, know that the new ignition often doesn’t come with new keys. And if you want to keep using your old car keys, you’ll want to get this new one rekeyed to fit the bitting. Generally, getting our Los Angeles car locksmith services done after an ignition replacement is a good idea.

You can also get an ignition rekey if you have multiple cars of the same model and want them to operate with one key. But if you go that route, you’ll also need transponder key programming or key fob reprogramming.

How Ignition Cylinders Work

The locking mechanism inside ignition cylinders is actually pretty simple. Well, there are other, more complex electronic deterrents against theft. But in an ignition rekey, we only need to pay attention to the wafers inside the cylinder.

These wafers, while resting, are blocking the cylinder from turning. They must be lifted to a certain height to allow the cylinder to turn. When a key is inserted, the bitting on the side pushes the wafers around. If the inserted key has the correct bitting, these wafers will be moved to the right height. Otherwise, they’ll continue blocking the cylinder, and the lock won’t turn. 

How An Ignition Rekey In Los Angeles Works

Our Los Angeles ignition rekey technicians start by removing the panels around the dashboard to expose the ignition housing. They will then remove the ignition cylinder, which is a process that varies based on the make and model of the car. This often involves sticking the old key inside and turning it to a specific position.

After the ignition is out, your Los Angeles \ ignition rekey technician will pull more casing off of the ignition to reveal the wafers. These wafers will be carefully removed and replaced with the new wafers that correspond with the new key. Afterward, everything will be put back in place, and you’ll be done with your ignition rekey in Los Angeles.


What does it mean to rekey an ignition?

An ignition rekey is just the process of allowing a new key to work with the ignition.

How do you rekey an ignition switch?

You need to get into the ignition cylinder and change the wafers. This method varies from car to car. Our Los Angeles technicians will know what to do for the best ignition rekey results.

Is it possible to rekey a car?

Cars can be rekeyed both from the outside and inside the ignition. Call us if you need an ignition rekey in Los Angeles.

Do you need a new key when replacing an ignition switch?

The ignition switch is separate from the ignition cylinder. Unless you also replaced the cylinder, you don’t need a new key.

Can you use an old key with a new ignition switch?

Unless you also got the ignition cylinder replaced, your old key should work fine on your new ignition switch.

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