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If you need ignition switch replacement services, use the best car locksmith in Los Angeles.

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Ignition Switch Replacement Los Angeles

An issue with your ignition switch can be very tricky to sort out yourself. Diagnosing the problem will be complicated enough, but the symptoms can disguise themselves as much more severe and costly car repairs. Before you take your vehicle to a mechanic, you might want to call a locksmith.

When there is only a problem with the ignition switch, your key will turn in the ignition. This is different from the symptoms that denote the need for ignition cylinder replacement, which will make it so the key does not turn at all. Essentially, the key and ignition will work as they often do, but the car will not start. This is because the ignition switch is not triggering the engine to start.

And if you’ve had your keys stolen, you might need an ignition rekey instead of an ignition switch replacement. This is easier than an entire ignition switch replacement, so if it’s all you need, it’s better to pay for a rekey than a replacement. If you need both, our Los Angeles ignition switch replacement technicians can do a rekey for you as well.

So how do you know if you need Locksmith Pros USA’s Los Angeles ignition switch replacement? There are a few ways to tell. The most common indicator is that the dashboard lights stay off when the key is in the “on” position. You might also notice your car jerking around a lot while driving. If the ignition gives off a lot of heat, that might also imply an ignition switch problem.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not you need our Los Angeles locksmith services. If you’re unsure, call a professional to check it out.

What Happens During A Los Angeles Ignition Switch Replacement?

First, the battery connection is removed to ensure there isn’t power running into the electronics that will be fiddled with. The cover panels on the dashboard are removed one at a time. First, the top panel and any accessory panels that block screws are removed. Then the whole bottom dashboard is unscrewed. After that, the casing around the steering wheel is unscrewed.

Once these panels are out of the way, the actual ignition switch can be pulled out using whatever method is designed in the specific car model. This can involve messing around with the wiring. After that, the new ignition switch is put in, and everything is placed back together. That’s the basics of a Los Angeles ignition switch replacement.

This process can be tricky for someone inexperienced. There are a lot of complex electronics inside car dashboards, and these electronics can be messed up quite easily. It’s best to leave the work to a professional Los Angeles ignition switch replacement technician.


How do I know if my ignition switch needs to be replaced?

If you feel some heat coming from the ignition or the dashboard lights don’t come on in the “on” position, you may need to hire our Los Angeles ignition switch replacement services.

What is the difference between an ignition switch and an ignition cylinder?

The ignition switch is the part of the ignition that activates the electronics inside the car. The cylinder is just the lock.

What happens when your ignition switch goes out?

The engine won’t be able to turn on, as the ignition is no longer sending power to the rest of the car.

Will a car start with a bad ignition switch?

Cars can sometimes start with a faulty ignition switch, but you should get it repaired soon. Hire our Los Angeles ignition switch replacement services soon.

How long does it take to replace the ignition switch?

It takes around 20-40 minutes to get an ignition switch replacement in Los Angeles.

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