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Trunk Lockout In Los Angeles

Due to the high paced lifestyle of Los Angeles people are always losing track of their keys. You put them down, and before you know it, you have walked away. But when you put your car keys in your trunk and walk away, it won’t take long before you notice the trunk lockout. We know you need those keys back as soon as possible, so you need the fastest solution for trunk lockouts in Los Angeles.

With a set of locked keys in your trunk, you are going to need some help. Rather than try to do this yourself, spending precious time and potentially damaging your vehicle, you should call an auto locksmith. Most importantly, you should reach out to the amazing staff at Locksmith Pros USA.

Solutions For Car Keys Locked In Your Trunk

The best general solution when you have locked your keys in your trunk is to call a locksmith. It is not advisable to handle this type of work yourself because of the risks to your car. A professional car lockout expert is much better suited to take on this task. And if you are looking for a quick solution like most LA residents, you will want to hire the best Los Angeles locksmith to open your trunk.

If you are interested in some of the methods a Los Angeles auto locksmith will use to open your locked trunk and get your keys back, you can keep reading. It is not recommended to use the information below to attempt this work yourself. The following outline of the methods a locksmith will open a trunk is intended for educational purposes only.

Opening the Car – A majority of the time, the most efficient method of retrieving keys from a locked trunk will be to open the car and pull the trunk release once the car is open. Even if there is no trunk release or it is broken/not working, the trunk can still be accessed once the car door is open.

If you have a working spare key, you could use that, but they you would not be locked out of your trunk. However, even a malfunctioning key can sometimes be used to make a duplicate car key. And car key replacement can often be done without a spare key with some basic vehicle information.

The methods a Los Angeles locksmith will use to open the car door will vary, but often they will use the wedge and probe method. This is done by creating a small gap between the door and the doorframe, large enough for a tool to reach inside and manipulate the locks. For certain cars with specific deadlocking features, this will not work, but in most cases, a locksmith will be able to open your trunk this way.

Lock Picking – For certain sedans, there will not be a way to access the trunk without taking the back seats out after the doors are open. Other complications, such as the aforementioned deadlocking feature, can also make picking the trunk lock a necessity. Never attempt to pick a car lock unless you have the proper tools and training, this is exclusively a professional method of entry.

If this does not work it may be due to an issue that requires car door lock repair. In other instances, it may be too difficult to pick fast enough to be a practical solution.


How much does it cost to get my keys out of my locked trunk?

Having your keys locked in your trunk falls under car lockout services. When you choose Locksmith Pros USA, we have a starting price of $35 for a trunk lockout. The exact price for your specific situation a locksmith will assess your locks and security. This is part of what you receive from the initial $15 service call charge.

Can I open my locked trunk myself or do I need a locksmith?

For the fastest way to get your keys out of your locked trunk without damaging your vehicle, it is better to hire a professional. That being said, you can open your car’s trunk yourself. It is not recommended, but it is possible. And without knowing everything about your situation, there is little insight that can be offered as to the best way to go about this. It takes a pair of trained eyes to find the best way into your locked trunk.

How fast can a locksmith open a locked trunk?

In the most straightforward cases, a locksmith can open a locked trunk in a manner of minutes. 10 to 15 minutes is the best approximation of the time it will take to get keys out of a locked trunk. This could be shorter or longer depending on the make and model of car you have.

Will my car be damaged when a locksmith retrieves my car keys from the trunk?

Any average trunk opening will not damage your car when it is handled by a professional. In the most extreme and rare cases, some trunk lockouts can call for a method of destructive entry, but this is not the norm. If your trunk must be opened in this way, the locksmith will inform you of the risks and concerns and get your consent before moving forward. 

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