Can You Buy An Unpickable Lock?

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Locksmith Pros USA provides our customers with a wide range of locks that take into account every type of vulnerability. If you are concerned about how susceptible your locks are to lock picking, then you want an unpickable lock. We will talk a little bit about what that request entails and what Locksmith Pros USA can do to get you the security you need.

What is lock picking?

For the sake of simplicity, we can categorize lock picking as a method of covert entry that attempts to replicate a working key for a specific lock. Covert entry means that what has been done to the security is undetectable during normal operating circumstances. However, this form of entry can be discovered using forensic inspection. 

Most people will not be able to notice when their lock has been opened using lock picking. Being undetectable during normal use means that this is not a form of destructive entry. After a lock is picked it can be used again. That being said, if a lock is picked too often or improperly, it can be damaged.

Is there such a thing as an unpickable lock?

The quick and straightforward answer is, no. There is no such thing as an unpickable lock. However, the more complicated answer is that there are essentially unpickable locks and locks that have not been picked yet. 

For the purposes of most homeowners, there is a category of locks that exist, which you can be reliably certain no one will ever be able to pick. Because every lock is meant to be opened, it is always theoretically possible to open the lock with some form of picking, when given enough time. 

As to not confuse the impossibility of the theoretical with the desire for the practical, from this point on, an unpickable lock will mean a lock that has not been picked yet. This will help distinguish between what no one has ever picked open and locks that almost no one could pick open.

What makes a lock unpickable?

The two main considerations that create the circumstances for an unpickable lock are the complexity and novelty of the key function. The more complex a key’s interaction is with the lock cylinder, the more difficult it is for lock picking to simulate the function of the said key. 

In terms of the novelty, the more unorthodox the key is in terms of how it moves in the keyway, etc., makes it difficult for a criminal to anticipate how to approach the lock.

Because a lock can be opened with enough time and dedicated practice, you need a lock that restricts dedicated practice and requires a significant amount of time in order for a method of entry to be viable. 

Thankfully, complexity and novelty make high-security locks more expensive or difficult to come by, which keeps them out of the hands of most criminals, preventing any reliable practice. As long as a simple bypass is not discovered, even if an unpickable lock is picked, very few people will be able to use the required method of entry.

Which locks can’t be picked?

The most well known and widely available unpickable lock is the Abloy Protec2. Assa Abloy is a company who makes many high-quality locks, but this particular product utilizes a lock cylinder that has never been picked successfully. 

Many people have tried, but not a single documented case exists where the Abloy Protec2 has been opened via lock picking. Where you may find many obscure and rare locks that no one has been able to pick, they do not have the user-friendly and accessibility of the Abloy Protec2. 

The Protec2 lock is available as a deadbolt, padlock, rim lock, cam lock, etc. It also uses a disc detainer system that makes the lock truly unbumpable (bump keys cannot open it). No one has picked this lock open, and no one is likely to get it open in some easily replicable way.

Do you need to buy an unpickable lock?

Not everyone needs an unpickable lock. In fact, purchasing an unpickable lock should be the last step in creating properly layered security. As few criminals actually pick locks, it is rare that this will be a concern or a necessary step for thieves to gain access to your property. 

And in fact, it is more important to have a lock that is resistant to destructive entry than the covert entry.

Most people will be fine with a high-security lock that uses anti-drill measures and a strong bolt with a resistance to cutting attacks. If you do not know if you need an unpickable lock, reach out to a locksmith in Los Angeles to gain a deeper insight into your existing security.

Final Recommendations

If you are looking for an unpickable lock, the Abloy Protec2 is the best recommendation that we can make. You might not need something with that type of security, but if you do, there is no better lock to recommend. 

One step down from this lock would be something like the Mul-T-Lock Hercular with an MT5+ core. It is important that locks are installed by a professional, so you are aware of whether or not any other aspect of your security is compromising the effectiveness of the locks. 

An improperly installed lock can also be catastrophic for your security, leading to greater vulnerabilities than lock picking. Contact a local Los Angeles locksmith for more information about unpickable locks and new lock installation services.

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