Car Keys Locked In Trunk? Here’s How A Locksmith Can Help

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Here at Locksmith Pros USA, we have handled all sorts of service calls from drivers who need the assistance of an auto locksmith. This is part of the reason why we have an intimate understanding of how frustrating any car lockout scenario can be. 

This frustration is often doubled when it comes to a situation where your car keys are locked in your trunk. The reason behind this is simple to understand. Not only are your keys locked in your trunk, but there is a likely chance that you have locked yourself out of the main compartment of your vehicle as well.

What do you do when faced with a predicament such as this? Well, luckily enough for you, the team of auto locksmiths at Locksmith Pros in Los Angeles knows exactly how to handle your problem and get you the right solution. 

Before we detail all the ways we can help you gain access to your trunk, let us go over a few preliminary steps that might help you out when your car keys are locked in the trunk. 

What should you do when you lock your keys in your trunk?

The first, and most important, thing you have to do is steady yourself and resist the urge to raise your head and scream at the cosmos. Scenarios, where car keys are locked in a trunk, happen quite often, and there is always a solution to be found if you keep a level head. It is important for you to remain calm enough to patiently assess the situation. 

Once you realize that you have locked your keys in your trunk, you should immediately check your vehicle to see if you are locked out of the main compartment of your car as well. There is usually a chance that you might not be locked out. If so, you should check to see if your car trunk has a trunk actuator button that can be found within the vehicle. 

Utilizing this button will help you gain access to your car trunk, and hence to your car keys. However, it is not always the case that the solution to your problem will be this easy. Also, depending on the type of vehicle you have, you might be able to simply reach over the back seat and grab your car keys. If neither of these options works for you then continue to read on to see how Locksmith Pros USA can help you get your keys out of your trunk. 

Do I need to call a locksmith?

If you are still stuck in this predicament, it helps to call an auto locksmith to solve the issue at hand in an efficient manner. However, before you call a team member from Locksmith Pros USA, there are few solutions you can explore on your own. For instance, drivers can try to get a hold of any spare keys they might have.

This gives you an easy way to get back into your vehicle, and it is a rather cost-effective solution. However, this only works if you have a spare key that is close by and accessible. If it is not, the only other solutions you have at your disposal include unlocking the trunk yourself or reaching out to a locksmith. 

How can a locksmith be of assistance?

Great question! An auto locksmith from Locksmith Pros USA is perfect for this scenario for a number of reasons. We believe in putting our customers at the forefront of all the things we do, and this allows us to serve you exceptionally better than anyone else can. Here the ways Locksmith Pros USA can help you when your car keys are locked in your trunk:

1. Locksmith Pros USA Is Mobile, So We Can Bring The Help To You

You are probably wondering how our mobility helps you in any given way, but if you read along you will see how. Not all auto locksmiths are mobile, which means that if you have your car keys locked in trunk, they will not be able to come to your location and offer any aid. In this instance, not only do you need an auto locksmith who can help you, you need an auto locksmith that is also a mobile locksmith, and this is where Locksmith Pros USA comes into play. 

The benefits of a mobile auto locksmith are often overlooked, but when drivers are stranded and unable to gain access to their car keys locked in trunk, this is exactly the kind of help that is required. You want a team of auto locksmiths that can come to your location with their full arsenal of tools and effectively get the job done.

2. Locksmith Pros USA Can Unlock Your Car And Your Trunk

As you know, an auto locksmith travels with all of their tools, which means that when an auto locksmith from Locksmith Pros USA arrives to help you, they are intent on unlocking your trunk, or unlocking your car, so that you can gain access to the keys that were locked in your trunk. 

The tools that they use to accomplish this task range from auto lock picks, to probes and wedges. This can be done by a variety of methods and through the use of several tips and tricks. 

Car trunk locks change quite frequently, so the trunk locks featured on modern vehicles vary somewhat than those on older car models. This means that some trunk locks feature lock cylinders that can be accessed from the exterior, while others don’t. 

Some modern vehicles only make use of a trunk actuator to engage or disengage the trunk latch, and they do not feature any lock cylinder that can be accessed. This makes it rather difficult to attempt to pick the trunk lock or bypass it by a method that relies on dealing with a lock cylinder. 

In situations like this, our locksmiths will shift their attention to the car door locks, and work their way into the vehicle by bypassing those locks instead. This will give them access to the buttons that relay commands to the car trunk actuator, hence being able to unlock it. 

3. Locksmith Pros USA Can Help You With Additional Services You May Require

Our team of locksmiths can take the help they give you a step further by also assisting with any additional automotive services you may require after we unlock your trunk. For instance, these additional services might range from crafting a spare key that can be used to circumvent situations like this, or helping drivers assess the state of their door locks and trunk locks to see if any damage was incurred in the process. 

Our locksmith team will never harm your vehicle, but some drivers try to get back into their cars without professional help and this often leads to unnecessary damage being done. These are not required steps, but we often advise drivers to take advantage of to reduce the number of lockouts that they have to deal with at any given time.


Always remember that when you are dealing with a lockout of any kind, it is imperative that you keep a cool head. This helps you assess the situation and look for the help you need. When your car keys are locked in the trunk, make sure that you reach out to the team of auto locksmiths at Locksmith Pros USA to assist you. This will help you find an efficient solution that resolves the predicament you are currently facing.

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