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Unlock File Cabinets In Los Angeles

If you need to unlock file cabinets, look no further than Locksmith Pros USA in Los Angeles. We have professional technicians with the right experience to get you back into your file cabinets and repair any damage that may have occurred. We offer many different locksmith services in Los Angeles that you may find helpful when you get file cabinet issues, so call us today.

You need to access your files for work, and it’s frustrating when they’re no longer easily accessible. You may have to put projects on hold while you wait for this very rudimentary problem to be solved. Don’t worry about it – we can unlock file cabinets in Los Angeles.

Reasons For Needing To Unlock File Cabinets In Los Angeles

File cabinets tend to be built with more simplistic locks than your front door, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of them. They can get worn out, just like any other lock, causing all kinds of trouble and potentially preventing the file cabinet from unlocking altogether.

It’s possible that you were, at some point, rough on your file cabinets or didn’t lubricate them properly. They also may just be getting old and aren’t working as well as they used to. Don’t worry – we can unlock file cabinets in Los Angeles.

How To Unlock File Cabinets In Los Angeles

The method for unlocking file cabinets in Los Angeles depends on the actual problem with the lock. If you’ve lost the key and need a rekey, the locksmith has to drill the lock open before replacing it. This destroys the old lock, but the locksmith will have a replacement ready to install.

They won’t have to drill if you have the old key and just need a new file cabinet lock. The locksmith must open the cabinet and remove the c clip and linkage piece, pulling out the cylinder and replacing any of these parts if necessary. After that, you can choose a new lock to replace the old one.

Types Of File Cabinet Locks

Why not look at your file cabinet lock options if you need to install a new lock anyway? Most likely, your old lock is a typical cam lock. There isn’t much variety in cam locks. That said, you still need to check if your new one is compatible with your cabinet before hiring someone to unlock your file cabinets in Los Angeles.

You can also upgrade to an electronic system. Many companies sell file cabinet locks with fingerprint readers, RFID scanners, and digital combinations. These are great if you need your file cabinet to be extra secure. We can determine what’s compatible for you as we unlock your file cabinets in Los Angeles.


How do you open a stuck file cabinet?

If it’s not locked, it has either fallen off the track or is catching on debris. You’ll need to pry it open with something.

How do you pick an office file cabinet lock?

They often use simple wafer locks, so you’ll need to use jiggler keys, raking, or single-pin picking. Our locksmiths know how to unlock file cabinets in Los Angeles, so call us if you’re in the area.

How do you open a locked filing cabinet without the key?

You’ll need to either pick it, drill or pry it. Our locksmiths can unlock file cabinets in Los Angeles for you when you’ve lost the key.

How does a locking file cabinet work?

They work much like your door locks but with wafers instead of pins.

Why won’t my desk drawer open?

It may be locked without you realizing it, or it may have fallen off the track inside. There also could be something caught in there.

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