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The best broken key extraction in Los Angeles is provided by the experts here at Locksmith Pros USA.

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Broken Key Extraction in Los Angeles

Keys break off in the lock all the time, and you can’t exactly just pry the pieces out with your fingers. This means that the only way to get the lock useable again is through professional tools and expert skills.

Locksmith Pros USA in Los Angeles has mobile locksmiths ready to help with extraction tools and kits designed to get the job done. We can also cut new keys for you and repair any damage to your lock that may have happened. If you need broken key extraction in Los Angeles, why wait on it? Give us a call now!

Reasons You Need A Broken Key Extraction In Los Angeles

Keys can break off for a variety of reasons. Most likely, the key got weakened from regular use. Maybe one of the key’s owners used too much force each time they unlocked the door and wore the metal down to the point that it snapped after a while.

Your key’s damage can also be caused by a damaged lock. If there’s debris in there, it could be wearing down your key. Cold weather also creates brittle metal, allowing a key to snap more easily. Whatever the cause, our Los Angeles broken key extraction methods will help you out.

Los Angeles Broken Key Extraction Process

A key is often extracted in one of two ways – either through a broken key extractor or a spiral key extractor in an extraction kit. Don’t worry – our Los Angeles broken key extraction professionals are experts in both methods! They’ll know which one would work best in your situation, as they do for all of their Los Angeles locksmith services.

Broken key extractors look a lot like lockpicks. But instead of picking locks, they have sharp hook ends that grab onto a broken key’s bitting and pull it out of the keyhole. A spiral extractor uses the ridges in its spiral to slowly pull the key out as it rotates. The key can then be grabbed with other tools present in the extraction kit.

Steps After Los Angeles Broken Key Extraction

After a broken key extraction, odds are you still need one of our Los Angeles broken key extraction experts to help you with their lock expertise. If you don’t already have a backup key, you’ll need one made for you. Your lock might need repairing, too.

Our professional Los Angeles locksmiths know how to get everything done for you in no time. They can cut you a new key (hopefully one that won’t break this time) and determine if there’s anything wrong with the lock itself. Any problems can be sorted out, and you’ll be back to using your door in no time.


Can you remove a broken key with a magnet?

Most keys are not magnetic enough for this to work. You’d need a strong magnet.

What does a broken key extractor look like?

They look like lock picks, but their hooks are inclined sharply to catch onto key bitting.

How do you get a stuck key out?

The best way to get a stuck key out is through tools designed to do the job and a hand with experience performing the task. Our professionals can help you with a broken key extraction in Los Angeles.

How do you get a key out of the inside of a door?

You’re going to need the right tools to do the job. Call our Los Angeles broken key extraction experts.

How do you open the door with a broken key?

You’re probably going to need to remove the key first. Call a locksmith to do this for you.

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