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Nothing matters more to your security than effective locks. So reach out for the best lock change service in Los Angeles.

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Best Lock Change Los Angeles

There are many reasons why you may want a lock change in Los Angeles. The considerations you need to make for your lock change will ultimately depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to upgrade your security? Are you looking to change your locks because they are broken? Do you want to install locks that match the aesthetics of your home? Do you want different locks just in case there is a spare key unaccounted for?

No matter what the reason is for your Los Angeles lock change, Locksmith Pros USA can help you with any services you may need. If you need a lock recommendation, give us a call and we can send a technician out to conduct a security assessment. And if you happen to know what you want, we can still offer you our professional insight or simply change your locks for you.

Types of Lock Change

Besides the reason that you are changing locks, it is important to decide which locks you are changing. Are you going to change the type of lock on the door when you change locks? An Locksmith Pros USA technician can walk you through the choices, and share their expertise to better guide you through the lock change process.

You can even upgrade with smart lock installation. But if you are interested, there are a few things that you will benefit from knowing about the two major door lock types.

1. Door Knob Lock Change

A door knob lock does not provide much in the way of security. Because these locks use spring loaded latches, they are inherently insecure. Lock changes focused on door knobs and door handles are for aesthetic reasons because the lock is keeping a door from opening/shutting, or to replace a door knob with a deadbolt. 

There are ways to improve aspects of a door knob lock’s security, but for the most part that is not the sole intention of door knob lock changes. This is not just for lock changes in Los Angeles, this is a general rule for these types of locks.

2. Deadbolt Lock Change

A deadbolt provides a door with its security. If you do not have a quality deadbolt, you do not have real security for your door. A deadbolt is the foundation that home security is built around, so many deadbolt lock changes deal with increasing effectiveness of this foundational security element.

Property crime statistics are hard to come by because of how often they go unreported, but take it from a professional security company, this is an issue in our city. When you get a lock change in Los Angeles, be sure that you are improving your security with a well-constructed deadbolt.


When should you change your locks?

Though you might not need to pay to entirely change your locks, there are several instances where you will need to change your locks. For example: when a lock is broken, after a home break-in, when someone who had keys moves out when crime spikes in a neighborhood. Contact Locksmith Pros USA whenever you need to change locks in Los Angeles.

How much does a lock change cost in Los Angeles?

The cost for changing locks in Los Angeles is always fair when you call Locksmith Pros USA. To find out what you need, we always start with a routine service call, so we can come out to assess your situation. Then you can decide on which lock you would like to buy, and the locksmith will change the locks. Between the $15 service call and the lock change cost, which starts at $35, you will still have to factor in the cost of your new lock.

Is it better to repair or change locks?

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and what your goals are for your locks. Repairing locks is a process that maintains your level of security. If you already have a decent level of protection, then this is all you need. But if you are upgrading locks or a lock is broken too severely, changing locks will be a better solution than repairing locks.

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