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Fresh lock installation on a new door can be a bit tricky, so use the best locksmith in Los Angeles for help.

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Lock Installation Services In Los Angeles

Every homeowner knows that door locks are an integral part of their home, and that the presence of door locks boosts all your home security mechanisms. Without having the right locks installed on the right doors in your home, you run the risk of leaving your property vulnerable and exposed.

Door locks help curb the flow of unauthorized access, and they also help you and your family sleep easy at night. If you require new lock installation services in Los Angeles, you should look no further than the residential lock installation professionals at Locksmith Pros USA. As a local locksmith company in Southern California, Locksmith Pros has positioned itself as the premier home lock installation provider.

New homeowners and old homeowners alike take advantage of our lock installation services in Los Angeles. Most new homeowners are either looking to install locks on newly built homes or to replace the locks on a home they just moved into. For the latter, rekeying locks is another great alternative that homeowners can explore. 

With old homeowners, the lock installation process typically becomes necessary when an entire lock set needs to be changed. A lock change could be required due to a desire to upgrade a lock, or because the locking mechanism has been damaged.  

Choosing The Right Locks 

To begin the process of installing new locks, you must first take the time to choose the right lock that you wish to install. Homeowners can choose the locks they wish to use, or they can consult with a residential locksmith from Locksmith Pros USA. 

Our locksmiths will walk you through some of the options that are best suited for the particular door you want a lock installed on. For most external doors that serve as primary entry points, the installation of a deadbolt will be ideal. Call for lock installation and find out everything you need to know straight from an expert locksmith.

In this instance, homeowners can choose between the installation of a regular deadbolt or opt to go with a smart lock installation. The smart lock installation process is somewhat mimetic of a traditional lock installation. However, some aspects of your old lock mechanism will have to be integrated to work well with your new smart lock.

Smart Lock Installation 

Installing a smart lock is not a complicated task, and our residential locksmiths have a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with smart locks and other home automation gadgets. Our team of home locksmiths will make sure that your door is compatible with the smart lock you wish to install.

This preliminary check is the key ensuring that the smart lock can be installed properly. The beauty of having a smart lock installed is that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities to homeowners. At Locksmith Pros USA, we would love to help you get your home automation journey started, one smart lock installation at a time. 


Can the locksmith help me choose the best lock for my house?

Of course we can! The locks you choose to install on the doors of your home are ultimately up to you, but we can definitely pitch in some ideas on what we think works best.

Locksmith Pros USA is all about establishing a clear line of communication between our customers and the residential locksmiths who come to help you out. As such we make it our mission to always recommend the best products and solutions to all our customers.

How much time does it take to install a new lock set?

There is no set answer to this question since every lock set is inherently different, and each lock set will require a different approach based on where it is being installed and the materials that are being used in its installation.

Also, the time it will take to install a new lock set will depend on the material of the door it is being installed on. As a rule of thumb, our residential locksmith will take no longer than 30 minutes to install your new lock set. 

When will I need to install new locks again?

Good question! The truth is, it depends on a number of factors. There are some of these factors that can be changed, and there are some you cannot influence at all. The factors that you can influence include the type of lock that you install, the material it is made of, the design, and the grade of the lock itself. If each of these factors is chosen with the longevity of your lock in mind, you will not have to install a brand new lock for quite some time. 

However, there are factors like home break-ins that you can’t account for, and these might damage your lock or give you reason to install a new lock. If you are basing your estimation solely on the work of Locksmith Pros USA, then your newly installed locks will remain intact for quite some time.

Does my door have to be replaced when I install new locks?

Not at all! Unless you want the door to be replaced. Usually, some parts of the door will have to be drilled and altered in order for the new lock to be installed successfully, but you will not have to replace your entire door simply to have new locks installed.

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