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With window lock repair, you can strengthen the overall security of your home. Don't wait to fix broken locks.

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Window Lock Repair in Los Angeles

Your window locks are just as crucial as your door locks. If your windows don’t lock properly, they will always provide an entry point, no matter how secure your front door is. Without secured windows, your fancy front door locks are useless. That’s why, when something goes wrong, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Locksmith Pros USA in Los Angeles is ready to perform this home locksmith service for you. Our professionals know how to give you a top-notch window lock repair in Los Angeles. Don’t leave your home insecure for another day – instead, have one of our technicians upgrade your security and stop those thieves.

Single- And Double-Hung Window Lock Repair

The most common types of windows are single-hung and double-hung. Single-hung windows have a single bottom panel that moves while the top panel doesn’t. Double-hung are similar, except, as you can guess, both panels move rather than just the bottom one.

These windows can have typical keyed locks or latch locks. Double-hung windows sometimes use folding latch locks, which allow the top panel to be partially opened. You can also find lag screw locks, which tighten and loosen to open the window. Remember that if you like these other options, you can always have your locksmith install a new lock.

Sliding Window Lock Repair In Los Angeles

Another typical window type is the sliding window. Much like single- and double-hung windows, these come in two varieties – one where only a single panel slides, and another where both panels slide. The double-sliding windows are better for ventilation, but single-sliding is generally cheaper.

Once again, you’ll find keyed systems and latch locks on these. The keys are more secure, but they result in a key you’ll need to keep track of. Latch locks can be undone from the inside quite effortlessly but are often still effective. You can also get a sliding lock to go with your sliding window. These attach to the track and are tightened to lock the window.

Other Window Lock Repair In Los Angeles

There are many other possible window types and lock combinations. Some homes have awning windows that swing out from the bottom. Casement windows are similar, but they swing open from the side. And hoppers swing from the bottom. Generally, you could easily have a window type not listed here, but that doesn’t mean our technicians can’t help you.

And new locks are being innovated every day. Window pin locks are chain locks for windows, and you might want child safety locks installed on your window. Ask our Los Angeles window lock repair professionals what your lock installation options look like if you want something new.


Can a window lock be repaired?

Our Los Angeles window lock repair professionals can look at your window lock and get it fixed for you with their expert knowledge and experience.

How do you fix a house window lock?

This depends on what the actual problem with your window lock is. You can call our locksmiths for a window lock repair in Los Angeles if you’re unsure what’s wrong.

Do locksmiths do window locks?

Yes! Locksmiths are experts around any lock. Call our professionals for a window lock repair in Los Angeles today.

Why is my window lock not working?

Faulty window locks can be caused by a variety of problems. It could be improperly lubricated or installed, or it could have gotten warped from extreme temperatures. Whatever it is, our Los Angeles window lock repair technicians can solve the problem for you.

What are window locks called?

There are a lot of types of window locks. Mostly you’ll see latch locks, but there are also keyed locks, sliding locks, folding latch locks, sliding locks, pin locks, and many more.

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