How A Locksmith Can Help You When Your Car Won’t Start

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Finding out that your car won’t start is one of the worst feelings that a driver can deal with. Imagine walking to your car in the morning, and trying to start it, only to be met with a few clicks and the deafening silence of your engine. When your car won’t start, it’s very easy to feel like you might be facing the end of the world.

Drivers can’t get very far if their car won’t start. However, although this particular moment might feel somewhat hopeless, drivers should find solace in the fact that the team of automotive locksmiths from Locksmith Pros USA can help you find the solution when your car won’t start.

Before we walk you through exactly how we can help you with this problem, we will run through some of the basic culprits that may be the reason why your car won’t start. Getting a clear picture of why your car won’t start will give you access to the right solution, as well as the ways a locksmith can help you rectify these problems.

How can I diagnose my car when it won’t start?

Sometimes drivers jump to the worst possible conclusion when something goes wrong with their cars. I mean to say that sometimes when you think you have a major problem on your hands and your car won’t start, you might simply be doing something wrong. Take the time to try starting your car again, and pay close attention to the way some of the elements within your vehicle respond.

It helps to also try starting your car again with a spare key if you have one handy to see how your car responds. Taking the time to do this will help streamline the solution that a locksmith implements. It gives them insight into whether the problem is a key based problem or something that has to do with your ignition.

Why won’t my car start?

If you’ve tried several times and it is still the case that your car won’t start, you should take some time to understand the potential reasons why. Cars are intricate devices, which means they are inherently complicated. With complicated devices, there are a host of things that could go wrong. 

For instance, there might be a problem with your car that stems from a problem with your ignition switch or your ignition cylinder. On the other hand, the problem might not even be with your ignition at all, but with an auxiliary part that works in conjunction with your vehicle, such as your car key.

Can a locksmith help me if my car won’t start?

It is important to be conscious of the fact that not every car problem can be solved by hiring an automotive locksmith. If you are dealing with problems with your car’s exhaust or engine, you are better suited visiting a mechanic who knows how to handle a car’s internal mechanics. However, if you have issues that pertain to locks or problems that involve your car key, a team member from Locksmith Pros USA can help you. Here’s how:

1. Ignition Switch Replacement Or Repair Services

In many cases, issues that stem from your car’s ignition may be part of the problem and the reason why your car won’t start. The ignition is an integral part of the car that works directly with your car keys. 

Sometimes it might be easy to mistake a problem with your ignition switch as being a problem with your car keys because they work in close conjunction with one another. It can also be mistaken for a problem with your battery. 

However, if all other parts of your vehicle check out fine when you attempt to start your car, then it might be a clear sign that the problem is with your ignition switch. Auto locksmiths have the foresight necessary to diagnose your problem and carry out a full ignition switch replacement or an ignition switch repair if need be. 

To make it even easier on drivers, Locksmith Pros also provides mobile locksmith services that allow us to meet drivers at their locations and help them replace their ignition switches. We provide a much more cost-effective and mobile solution than your average car dealership.

2. Car Key Replacement Services

Problems that arise with your car keys are also a common reason why your car won’t start. However, with the backing of Locksmith Pros USAs, this problem can be easily overcome. Car keys are prone to damage over time, which means that sometimes this prolonged damage can make your car key inoperable, which makes it rather difficult for you to start your vehicle. 

When you are presented with a damaged car key, a locksmith is the most cost-effective solution that drivers can explore for a solution that allows you to get back in a working car. 

The locksmith can also help drivers craft spare keys that might come in handy the next time your car won’t start. The car key replacement process can be done for mechanical car keys, transponder keys, and car key fobs. This can also be done for luxury vehicles as well.

3. Ignition Cylinder Replacement And Repair Services

Similar to problems that arise with the ignition switch, the ignition cylinder is also another culprit when your car won’t start and a problem that can easily be solved. Problems with the ignition cylinder are rather common on older car models that have been through a good deal of wear and tear. 

This is mostly because they interact directly with car keys and turning them in the ignition often requires the application of a bit of force. Locksmith Pros USA can help diagnose the state of your ignition cylinder, and determine whether it can be repaired, or see if it will have to be replaced. 

The repair process tends to be much cheaper, something which most drivers will appreciate. However, not all ignition cylinders can be salvaged if they are damaged. If you need ignition cylinder replacement, give us a call.

4. Transponder Chip Replacement Services

Some cars are paired with transponder keys, and without this pairing process running smoothly there is a chance that your car won’t start. This happens to many drivers and it is often hard to notice and easy to misdiagnose. 

Transponder keys work by communicating with a receiver chip that is housed in your vehicle. If either of these chips is malfunctioning, you will not be able to start your car properly. 

Transponder chips were introduced to facilitate additional security for drivers and their cars, so without the proper signal being received from the correct responder key, you will not be able to start your vehicle. Locksmith Pros USA can help you diagnose your transponder key to see where exactly the problem lies, and then effectively help you replace the transponder chip.  

5. Key Fob Battery Replacement

Not all cars use mechanical keys and transponder keys, some cars make use of key fobs. These cars are, more often than not, modern vehicles. There may be times when your car won’t start simply because your key fob batteries are dead or worn out. Out of all the problems that might cause your car not to start, this is the easiest one to solve. 

All drivers have to do is find a way to replace their car key fob batteries. This is something that they can do on their own, but it requires time and the access to the replacement batteries. With a locksmith, this process is quick and efficient. Locksmith Pros USA has access to all the tools and additional parts required for your key fob battery replacement.

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