How Much Does It Cost To Unlock Your Car In Los Angeles?

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First things first, if you are currently locked out of your car in Los Angeles, and you are trying to figure out how to unlock your car, I deeply sympathize with you. Car lockouts in a city as busy as Los Angeles are not an easy thing to deal with.

It is not uncommon for residents of Los Angeles to find themselves locked out of their cars, just as it is not uncommon for them to end up locked outside of their homes. If you find yourself in this predicament, try to keep a cool head so that you can reach the most effective solution. 

One of the most prevalent questions that will hang over your head as you attempt to figure out how to solve your car lockout will be how much it costs to unlock your car in Los Angeles. Yes, although this is a rather unfortunate and unplanned predicament to be in, there will be some cost required to arrive at the proper solution.  

In order to get a clearer picture of how much it costs to unlock your car in Los Angeles, you will have to look at your current predicament from a few different angles. First, you will need a clear understanding of the different type of car lockouts that can occur, and then you will have to look at the different solutions that can be utilized to rectify your car lockout. A detailed look at the possible solutions for a car lockout will help give drivers a clearer picture of how much it costs to unlock a car in Los Angeles.

How Do Car Lockouts Happen In Los Angeles?

One of the biggest mistakes drivers make is to think that car lockouts only happen in one way. Cars are complicated machines, so it goes without saying that there are bound to be complications that revolve around them. This is where the car lockout comes in. Here are some of the most common forms of car lockouts that drivers have to contend with.

1. Locked Keys In Car

One of the most common car lockout problems plaguing drivers is the simple fact that drivers often lock their own car keys in their vehicle. Locking your keys in your car also encompasses locking your keys in your trunk. It might sound comical to read, but drivers who have been through this experience know just how difficult and commonplace it can be.

Being forgetful enough to lock your car keys in your car, or lock them in your trunk might sound like a freak occurrence, but it tends to happen quite often. Los Angeles is a busy city, and it is not uncommon for drivers to be preoccupied with one thing or another that might cause them to lock their keys in their car or in their trunk.

2. Broken Car Keys

Broken car keys are another common reason why some drivers find themselves locked out of their vehicles, but this is still not as common as drivers locking their keys in their cars. Though it is not as common, it still happens, so it is something drivers need to be aware of so that they know how to tackle it when it arises. A broken car key does not only involve mechanical car keys, but car key fobs as well. 

Mechanical car keys and transponder car keys can break due to the application of excessive force, or simply because they are worn down from continued use coupled with lack of proper car key maintenance. 

Key fobs can also break due to an application of excess force, but it is more common that they will become inoperable due to key fob batteries dying, or some part of their internal mechanics becoming dysfunctional. When this happens, it is most likely the case that you will end up locked out of your car, especially if your car can only be opened by means of your car key fob.

3. Lost Car Keys

If you are currently reading this post, trying to ascertain how much it costs to unlock your car key in Los Angeles, there is a possibility that you might have lost your car keys. Misplacing car keys or having your car keys stolen, is, unfortunately, more common than most drivers might be led to think. However, it is not something to lose sleep over if you find the right solution that helps you unlock your car in Los Angeles.

How Are Car Lockouts Solved?

Just as there are multiple ways for a car lockout to occur in Los Angeles, there are several solutions that will help you unlock your car in LA. From a broad perspective, the solutions at your disposal will simply boil down to whether or not you want to unlock your car on your own, or if you want to enlist the assistance of professionals who have much more experience unlocking Los Angeles car doors.

Now would be a good juncture to point out that although cost does involve monetary value, the cost is not solely about money. The time and effort that you put into unlocking your car in Los Angeles will also be reflected in the final cost to unlock your car, and this holds true regardless of how the car lockout is handled.

At the tail end of things, a car lockout can either be solved by requesting the assistance of trained professionals, or by attempting to find a DIY solution to unlock your car. The cost for each of these approaches vary, and they are also influenced by the type of car lockout you find yourself in.

For instance, the cost to unlock your car when your car keys are locked in your vehicle will be much cheaper than the cost to unlock your car if your car keys are broken or lost. Let’s dive into how much it costs to unlock your car in Los Angeles.

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock Your Car In Los Angeles?

It is crucial to point out that the cost to unlock your car is not a fixed price, nor is it set in stone. Instead, it is determined by the type of service you need, as well as if there are any other additional services that might have to be rendered once your car is unlocked. It should also be noted that if you choose to utilize a car locksmith, most charge a flat service call fee.

On average, the service call fee is $15. This means that the starting cost to unlock your car in Los Angeles is always $15 and will increase based on the services you require. Here’s the price break down:

  • A basic car lockout with a locksmith will start with a base cost of $15. A basic car lockout means that you are simply locked out of your vehicle while your car keys are still present within the vehicle. This service begins at $35 and will increase based on the complexity of the car door lock or trunk lock mechanism at hand. This usually means that the basic cost to unlock a car in Los Angeles roughly begins at $50.
  • When it comes to dealing with broken car keys or lost car keys, the basic cost of $50 is still in play. However, you will have to factor in the need for additional services. With broken car keys and lost car keys, these additional services will often include a broken car key extraction, car key replacement, key fob replacement, and transponder key programming. This means that the cost to unlock your car with a locksmith will start at $145 and can go upwards of $170.
  • The cost to unlock your car door in Los Angeles is vastly different if you attempt to handle it yourself, and it is rather difficult to put a dollar amount on exactly how much this will be. Drivers will have to put in the time to purchase the tools that are required to solve a car lockout, and this involves a considerable sum. If you are dealing with more complicated car lockouts, you will not only have to work to unlock your car. You will have to potentially extract your broken car keys, purchase a car key replacement, and work to program it to your vehicle. All in all, this has the potential to cost you upwards of $200 in both time and money.

Closing Thoughts

If you are stuck in a car lockout in Los Angeles, there is no doubt that the question about how much it costs to unlock your car in Los Angeles is swirling around in your mind. It is my hope that the information provided above will help you get a clear estimate of how much it takes to unlock your car in Los Angeles. 

Keep in mind that you do not always have to call a locksmith to assist you with unlocking your car in Los Angeles, but locksmiths are the most cost-effective and efficient solution at your disposal.

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