How Much Should You Pay For New Door Locks?

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Depending on where you live in Los Angeles, the security of your new door locks might mean a lot. LA is a big city, and if you are at risk of being burglarized, it does not make sense to cut corners on your security because of a door lock price. 

Having a good door lock is among the best security tips for living in Los Angeles. But how much should a new door lock cost? The range is quite wide, and there is quite a bit to know to get the proper lock for a fair price.

The Price Of Security

If you have ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for?” This has never been truer than in the case of new door locks. The door lock price is one of the best signs of quality. Of course, there are instances where you can be paying for the wrong things in a lock and not be getting the proper payoff. 

A door lock cost needs to equal the level of security you are getting. Unfortunately, the price of the security does not always rise in exact accordance with security. That is why you need to understand the differences between door lock brands.

At a certain point, security begins lagging behind the rising door lock cost. The return on investment seems to start to decline at around the $500 dollar mark. After that investment in new door locks, you will need to diversify the type of security you are using.

Understanding The 10% Rule

The trick to knowing how much you should pay for new door locks is the 10% rule. Basically, this rule is a simple equation. Add up the value of everything you are looking to protect with your new door locks. With that number in mind, you should spend at least 10% of that price protecting those valuables. 

This 10% does not need to be spent on just your locks. In fact, it should be diversified, but you need to spend the proper amount on your final door lock price. Just be aware that the strongest lock does not matter if you have not done preliminary steps like reinforcing your door.

Make sure that your new door locks can withstand the same pressure as your doors, and perhaps even windows. It is all about balance. There should be no weak point in your security that is not protected by another method of security. Obviously, there is no such thing as perfect security, but the 10% rule will help you have the appropriate level of security for your particular needs.

Know What Your Paying For

A door lock price does not come with a built-in standard of quality or security. Between the ANSI grading system that ranges from 1 to 3 (grade 1 being the highest security) and company-specific security grading, things can get a little confusing. It is best to ignore all of this extraneous information when buying new door locks and get to the root of exactly what you are paying for.

Instead of looking at what the grade is, look for what it means. How was the lock tested? How much force can the lock withstand? What does the lock do to prevent lock picking, drilling, bypassing, and so on? If you want professional insight into the options you like most, consider hiring a locksmith in LA.

Also, be aware that lifetime guarantees are sometimes only for the finish of the lock and not for the lock itself. There are a lot of ways a door lock cost is inflated without providing anything more than vapid sales terminology.

Specs That Matter

The door lock price is based on many things, but there are only a few things that should catch your attention as important. There are certain things that you want to be paying for and other things that are not affecting your security. 

If the packaging, advertising, or a salesman is trying to tell you about the features of new door locks, it pays to know what matters in a lock. Does this lock work for residential doors, or is it built for commercial doors. A commercial door lock for business can have spec that make it unsuitable for homes.

1. The Quality Of The Metal

The hardware and the bolt need to be made of thick and sturdy metal. You want something that is at least hardened steel, but not everything that is marked as “hardened steel” really is. A safer bet is to go with steel alloys such as those that use Boron. Boron Carbide is the ideal alloy for a new door lock’s composition. This metal quality needs to be present in the hardware and the lock bolt.

2. The Complexity Of The Cylinder

The internal components of the lock cylinder can potentially prevent lock bumping and lock picking. If the door lock price does not seem to provide you with any covert entry protection, then there is an issue. A lock is not high-security without this feature, and its overall security is suspect without clear documentation of the cylinder complexity.

3. The Ease Of Use

Most people think that good security needs to be difficult to use, and that is a sign of its strength. However, this has quickly diminishing returns as you and other members of the household are unlikely to use complicated security methods as desired. 

Many new door locks on the market care too much about the ease of use and convenience, and this is not what you want. This particular factor needs to be balanced against real security. When it comes to smart lock installation, you are getting convenience and peace of mind via remote checks, but they are often not very secure locks.

Closing Advice

If you want to know how much you should spend on your new door locks precisely, reach out to a Los Angeles Locksmith who knows how to balance security. Depending on your circumstances you may want to look into rekeying vs replacing locks to save money that way.

Locksmith Pros USA has more experience with pairing homes with the right protection while keeping in mind the importance of getting a door lock price that is just as fair as the product is secure. If you would like to do this assessment yourself, remember that security is more than just new door locks and keep in mind that security is always an investment.

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