How To Fix A Broken Key

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If you are looking for how to fix a broken key, you should know that there are solutions for fixing your broken key readily available. Keys are an integral (key) part of everyday life. They are used to give people access to their homes, to their cars, or to their offices. 

Needless to say, learning how to fix a broken key becomes important if you are presently dealing with a broken key, or if you would like to know how to proceed in the event that one of your keys ends up broken.

How Do Keys Break?

Fixing a broken key requires you to have a grasp on the different ways keys can be broken. This will help inform the nature of the solutions you use, and it will also help you execute them flawlessly.

 Keys can break in a variety of ways, and in a varying number of mediums. That is why you need a spare key. Here are some of the common ways a key can be broken:

Use of excessive force – The application of excessive force when a key is being used in a lock is one of the leading culprits for keys being broken. This problem can even afflict brand new keys that have shown no sign of damage. It is also a problem that universally affects house keys, car keys, and office keys alike.

Wear and tear over time – Similar to the locks that keys are often used with, a semblance of maintenance is required to keep your key in top form and shape. However, in the absence of maintenance, keys wear down faster over time. The time it takes for a key to wear down over time is often directly proportional to the frequency with which the key is used.

Issues with the lock – As has been alluded to already, keys work in conjunction with locks. This means that there are times when fixing a broken key becomes necessary because of a problem that existed within the lock itself. If some of the locks internal components are damaged, it alters the way in which said lock will react with its designated key. This alteration sometimes leads to keys being broken while they are being used with the lock.

Before Fixing A Broken Key

Before we dive into how to fix a broken key, it is important to clarify that there are some things you should not try doing because there is a chance you will end up causing further damage to the lock (or ignition) that your key operates. 

Do not try to piece your key back together by means of super glue and then proceed to use it as if nothing happened. Do not continue to use your key if you notice something out of the ordinary with your lock and the way it works with your key. 

Do not continue to use your key if there are signs of damage and wear. Here’s how to fix a broken key:

1. Copy Your Broken Key

If you want to know how to fix a broken key, one of the first solutions that should be explored simply involves contacting a nearby locksmith to assist you with copying your broken key. 

It should be noted that this solution will not always be successful for fixing a broken key. This solution usually works best for broken house keys and broken office keys. 

Dealing with broken car keys is a bit more complicated, but an experienced locksmith is more than capable of assisting you. If these keys are broken in a way that still leaves you with the broken sections of the key, then getting a copy made should be relatively easy. 

This can be done by calling a locksmith that offers key copying services. If you were under the impression that you would be able to use your same old key again by sticking both halves back together, I regret to inform you that is not the case. 

Essentially, if you do not have a patented keyway with some form of restrictions on it, take the broken parts of your key to a professional who has the tools and skills necessary to make a copy of your broken key. 

2. Fix Broken Parts Of Your Key

Sometimes, it is the auxiliary parts that work with your key that are the cause of the problem, and this will make it seem as if your key is broken. Hence you will be trying to figure out how to fix a broken key. 

Focusing on the parts of your key that are broken or damaged will be the best way to fix your key. This applies to car keys, house keys, and commercial keys as well. However, it applies to a specific class of these keys.

For instance, when it comes to car keys, this will only apply to transponder keys and car key fobs. In the case of commercial keys and residential keys, this will be the case if you are dealing with smart locks or other mechanisms that require special keys of some sort. 

If parts of your key are broken and affecting the way it is used, taking the time to rectify this damage will help you fix your broken key. 

So if your key fob batteries are dead, or the chip in your transponder key is broken, replacing these parts will help right the ship. Similar to the point outlined above, enlisting the help of a certified Los Angeles car locksmith will come in handy. 

3. Replace Your Key Entirely

People often overlook the process of replacing your keys as a solution to fixing your broken keys. This is probably because the word fixing implies a repair of some sort, but sometimes replacing things is the best way to repair them, and this extends to keys as well. 

When dealing with house keys, commercial keys, or even car keys, it sometimes helps to focus your efforts on replacing the key when you are trying to figure out how to fix a broken key. 
Key replacement is especially true if the key is damaged to the point where it cannot be repaired. Replacing your keys is a viable way to fix them when they are broken.

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