I Lost My House Keys And Don’t Have A Spare! How Do I Get Back Inside?

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When you are saying, “I lost my house key, how can I get in?” there is an implicit request in those words. It is a request to open a door and get a new working key. Both of these tasks are difficult to do yourself, but not impossible. For the greatest level of convenience, you can contact a locksmith to handle every aspect of the services required.

There is going to be a little bit of added trouble replacing your house keys when you have no spare, but getting access to your home is the most pressing task. First, you should focus on opening the door to your property.

When it comes to how to get a locked door open, there are several ways you can go about getting back inside. I will highlight the most likely to work for you rather than all the theoretically available options.

1. Check Every Entrance & Opening

Something that anyone can do after they have lost the key to a door lock is to check if any door was left open. Walk the perimeter and test every obvious entrance. While you are doing this, you can also inspect the windows. 

For the best way of getting a locked door open, getting in through an open door is going to be preferable, but a window will work. Though it would be best if you had a spare set of keys either someplace that you could access them or with someone who can bring them to you. If not, you are looking for openings. 

Openings that are near doors do not have to be able to accommodate your full body, as long as you could slide a tool inside to manipulate the interior locks. These types of openings are great for giving yourself a better idea of how your attempts to open the door are proceeding. You might even be able to reach through the opening to unlock your door.

2. Use A Simple Bypass

There are not many practical methods for how to open the door when you leave the keys in your home or lose them altogether. You may have seen articles in the past telling you about lock bumping, lock picking, and other methods for how to get a locked door open like a professional, but a simple bypass will be as much as most people can manage. These techniques include the credit card method and through the door gap thumbturn manipulation. 

The credit card method only works on keyed door handles and door knobs with spring-loaded latches. It is also best not to use a credit card, but a similarly shaped piece of plastic such as a gift card because the card is likely to be ruined.

  1. Find a door that opens inward (hinges are not exposed).
  2. Slip the plastic card into the gap above the door handle.
  3. Move the card down to be level with the handle.
  4. Push forward and toward the door while pushing the door.
  5. Try step 4 at different angles and heights until the door pushes open.

If you are using a deadbolt on the door, you will need a tool (similar to a coat hanger), which can be slipped through the gap of the door. It needs to be able to reach the thumbturn of the deadbolt and have enough room to move in the direction necessary to pull the thumbturn. This is how to get a locked door open the simplest way possible, which makes it the most likely to work for you.

3. Call An Emergency Locksmith

An emergency locksmith in Los Angeles is going to offer you the most options for how to get a locked door open. Every home can be opened by a professional locksmith because they have the tools and knowledge to unlock any door. And in this instance, you have lost house keys and no spare, so you will likely require the help of a locksmith to get you a new working key.

How to get a locked door open becomes a lot simpler when you leave it to the experts. This will be pretty much your only option if the other two suggestions do not work out. Theoretically, you can go through the more difficult methods of opening a door, but a locksmith is more likely to get you what you need.

How can you replace lost house keys with no spare?

With your door open, you can address the issues of continued access. In the case where you are saying, “I lost my house keys and don’t have a spare,” replacing a key can become complicated. Firstly, you can replace your lock entirely so you can have a brand new key and a brand new lock.

The second thing that you can do yourself is rekey your lock with a cheap lock rekeying kit. With a lost key to a door lock, rekeying allows you to keep your same lock and only change the key that lock uses. Either a lock change or rekeying can also be handled by a locksmith, and in some cases, this work should be.

An option for replacing a lost house key when you have no spare that only a locksmith provides is to use the information from your existing lock to make a brand new key without changing anything about the lock. A locksmith can find the key code from decoding or impressioning the lock and know how to cut a key.

In Conclusion 

A lost key to a door lock is an issue secondary to being locked out. Firstly you need access to your home to make sure that the keys are not lost or misplaced within the house. But if there is no sign of your keys, then you have to worry about how to replace your house keys with no spare. 

All of this work can potentially be done without professional intervention or oversight. However, there is a good chance that you will need help if the lockout, or circumstances surrounding the key, are too complex. In any case, this article should help you find what you need to solve your issue.

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