Should You Change Your Door Locks If You Lose Your House Keys In Los Angeles?

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Homeowners understand the importance of keys, even though they may not articulate its importance on a daily basis. If you want to see just how much homeowners value their house keys and the access that they bring, pay attention to a homeowner’s reaction after they’ve lost a set of house keys.

Do not mistake my statement for jesting, I am merely highlighting the importance of house keys before we enter into the main act. Losing your house keys is not an uncommon thing, it happens to the very best of us. This is why house lockouts are such a common thing.

Once you lose your house key, especially in a city such as Los Angeles, there are a few hard questions you will have to ask yourself. Chief of which is whether or not you should change your door locks because you lost your house keys.

Why would I have to change my door locks?

On the surface, the case for changing door locks is simple. It is meant to be done in the hopes of preserving the security and privacy of your home life and continuing to utilize a solution that keeps unauthorized individuals out of your home.

This is not the only solution that homeowners can employ. Afterall, as long as they are able to preserve their security and safety, and nullify the impact of a lost key floating around the city of Los Angeles, then the problem will be solved.

Are there other alternatives to changing your door locks?

Solving the problem of your lost house keys can be done in a variety of ways. Changing your door locks after you have lost your house keys is just one possible solution that can be explored. For instance, homeowners in Los Angeles can opt to look for their keys a few more times before they resort to tampering with their door locks.

This is common advice that locksmiths give drivers who are in the midst of car lockouts, and homeowners who unfortunately find themselves locked out of their homes. Sometimes, you need to explore the obvious solution first. Once this has been ruled out, Los Angeles homeowners can take the time to figure out which of the available solutions works best for their situation.

The available solutions include changing your entire door lock, rekeying your locks, or doing nothing and leaving the situation as is. Let’s explore a few scenarios below and this will help inform homeowners on whether or not they should change their door locks if they lose their house keys in Los Angeles.

1. How Did You Lose The Keys To Your Los Angeles Home?

This might seem like a redundant question of sorts, but it will help influence the decision you make after you realize your keys are lost. If you merely happened to misplace your keys, the concerns that your security may be breached are very minimal. 

Which essentially goes to say that you do not immediately have to resort to changing your door locks. You can instead opt to have them rekeyed, or leave the situation as is since there is a very minimal security risk involved.

However, if you believe that your keys were stolen and you have a reason to believe that your home security is inherently compromised, then you should work to actively change your locks, or have them rekeyed. 

In this instance, if you are prioritizing security and wish to fortify your home a bit more, it would help to completely change your door locks. Locksmith Pros USA has a team of residential locksmiths that are adept at handling these residential lock changes and rekeying processes. 

2. What Is The Nature Of The Key You Lost?

The kind of key that you lost will also help you find an answer to the question about whether you should change your door locks after you lose a key. If you have a standard key that only operates one door to your home then, you may be better off replacing that singular lock. 

This holds especially true if said lock is your front door lock. If you lose the key to a bathroom door lock in your home, there is much less that you have to worry about as compared to losing a key to your front door. 

If you happened to lose a master key to your home, then that is a different story altogether. If you lose the master key to your home, you place the entire security infrastructure of your home at risk. 

This risk is too much to bear, and it would be inadvisable to do nothing. In this scenario, you can either change all of your locks or have them all rekeyed. The lock changing process is likely to be more costly, but it gives you a clean security slate. 

3. Do I have the budget to change my door locks?

Although security is a priority, many homeowners also give a close watch to how much money goes into any particular endeavor. This is why thinking about the budget that you have at your disposal will help you figure out whether or not you should change your door locks after you lose your house keys. 

Considering the options that you have at your disposal, there may be a few cost-effective solutions that can be explored, including rekeying your locks.

If homeowners in Los Angeles do not have the funds necessary to carry out a full lock replacement, especially if you are dealing with multiple locks, then you may be better suited hiring a local locksmith to rekey your locks. 

Either of these options is much more suitable than leaving the problem unresolved. Rekeying your locks will effectively nullify the access that your lost key may grant, and it can be done at a fraction of the cost.  

Closing Words

Losing the keys to your home in Los Angeles can be a hassle, but it is not a problem that can’t be solved. Ideally, you should make a move that works to invalidate the key that you lost so that no one can use it to compromise your home. However, changing your door locks is not the only available solution that you have.

Many homeowners forget that lock rekeying is sometimes a viable, and cheaper, option. Give Locksmith Pros USA a call today to learn more about how we can assist you with changing your door locks or having your door locks rekeyed.

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