Should You Rekey Locks Or Replace Locks?

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In many instances where your first instinct is to change your locks, it may be easier to rekey locks. But by the same logic, you cannot rekey locks in every situation. Because it is less inexpensive to rekey locks in Los Angeles, it can be tempting to always choose this option, so be sure you know when to rekey locks and when to replace your locks.

What does “rekey” mean?

Rekeying a lock is when you do not change your lock, but instead, change which key will open your lock. Rekeying can be used to make multiple locks work with a single key (as long as all locks have the same keyway). It is possible to rekey any lock, provided that it can be taken apart and reassembled.

It’s The Perfect Time To Rekey Locks…

1. When Someone Moves Out

In Los Angeles, people come and go all the time, whether it is your roommate or the previous tenant when they move out, you should rekey your locks. There is no way of knowing if the vacating party made extra keys and who may have those keys. When you rekey locks in Los Angeles, you can be sure that none of the menacing characters in this city have a key without spending a lot of money changing locks.

2. After You Lose Your Key

If you lose track of any key to your home, it is a good idea to preemptively rekey the vulnerable locks. Los Angeles has a lot of good people living here, but you cannot be sure who has your keys, what they know about you, or what their intentions are. 

In any big city, it is a good precautionary measure to make sure a key someone finds can’t open anything important. Many times rekeying a lock is not associated with preventing crime, but it is a good solution to this particular vulnerability.

3. When You Have Too Many Keys

Rekeying locks in Los Angeles is extremely popular among those who want to lessen the weight and bulk of their key ring. Any lock that uses the same type of key cylinder can be rekeyed to work with an existing key. That means that most of the locks in your life could potentially be opened with a single key.

It’s A Perfect Time To Change Locks…

1. When Your Lock is Broken

Rekeying a lock is not likely to fix a problem with the lock itself because a loss of functionality rarely has anything to do with the parts replaced when you rekey locks. Broken locks should always be replaced as they undermine security and/or safety.

If a lock is not closing, locking, opening, ect., in a reliable fashion, replacing the lock is the best solution. A lock that won’t open may seem benign, but with Los Angeles overdue for an earthquake, it is a good idea to have every emergency exit available.

2. When You Want Better Security

There are many instances where you might anticipate the need for better security, and in Los Angeles, rekeying your locks is not going to do enough to improve their security. If crime is going up in your neighborhood, you think someone might be targeting you, or you have increased your perceived wealth, it is a great time to invest in better security.

The better security you are looking for will be in the metal content of the lock (the thicker and heavier, the better) and the complexity of the internal components. Rekeying a lock does not do either of these things, it requires new hardware or even just a new lock cylinder.

3. After A Breaks-In

Once someone has had access to your home, it is a good idea to upgrade your locks. This is especially true if you do not know how they entered the home. If no locks were unminded during the break-in, fixing whatever vulnerability was exploited is likely to force the criminal to find alternate means of entry (i.e. your locks).

Your locks will become a prime target, so your locks need to be stronger and different than the security they have already assessed and prepared for. Rekeying a lock will not change the device enough to throw off an experienced Los Angeles criminal. Criminals are likely to come back once they have succeeded in breaking in, so this presses the issue of getting better locks.

Closing Advice

It is possible to rekey and replace your locks yourself, but it is better for your security to leave this work to a professional locksmith in Los Angeles. In order to rekey locks, you need special tools and training. 

The types of mistakes you could potentially make while attempting to rekey your own lock may result in anything from a jammed lock to a permanently broken lock. Instead of taking a risk, call the best locksmith in Los Angeles to deliver the service you need for the fairest price in the city.

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