The Perks Of Using A Master Key System In Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the country, and with so many people you will have a number of unique and specific security concerns. When dealing with so many people, some of them might need a key to the building you own, manage, etc. But even though you are giving someone a key, it doesn’t mean it has to open every door. Consider the perks of using a master key system in Los Angeles.

What is a master key system?

Simply put, a master key system allows one key to open multiple locks. Each one of the locks that a master key can open can be keyed differently so that people can be given varying degrees of access.

For an example of how this would work, consider the following scenario: Person A can open door 1 and person B can open door 2. Neither person A or B can open each other’s door. But with a master key in the hands of person C, person C can open doors 1 and 2.

Master key systems can become more complicated to introduce more and more levels of access. For example, if persons A, B, C, and D all have keys to doors that they can open but the others cannot, you could have a key that opens the doors of A and B, but not C and D. You could have another key that does the opposite (opening C and D, but not A and B). Both of these keys are considered master keys.

Another key could also be made that will open all four doors (A, B, C, and D). This would be a grand master key, as it has one more step of access above the other master keys, which only open two of the four locks. You can keep adding levels of access to create great grand master keys, great great grand master keys, etc.

How do master key systems work?

Many different styles of lock can have master key systems designed for them, but the most popular master key system uses a standard pin tumbler lock design. Pin tumbler locks use a stack of pins that have to be elevated so that the space between the pins in the stack, line up on either side of the lock cylinder and the cylinder housing. A key has grooves that elevate the stacks so that each groove lifts its corresponding stack to the proper height.

To create a master key system, a locksmith will add more pins to the stacks, which increases the number of heights the stacks can be elevated to for the lock to open. That means there are several combinations of grooves a key could have to open the lock. As long as the one combination is present in several locks, a key with that combination can act as a master key.

Master Key Services For Property Managers In Los Angeles

There are an exceptional number of renters living in Los Angeles, which means there is a greater need for property managers who can look after one or more properties that may each have several units. There are also many property managers that have to take care of real estate for commercial businesses, and similar benefits would apply to this type of property manager.

Property management is difficult enough without having to worry about key control, and the more properties you manage, the more out of hand keeping track of keys can get. By hiring a locksmith in Los Angeles to design a master key system for one or more residential buildings, you are removing a large and unnecessary impediment to responding to and assisting renters.

Apartments and commercial properties can be opened during emergencies and other instances where a key must be tracked down, such as when the property is being shown to prospective tenants. For this type of master key system, use a commercial locksmith.

There may also be several levels of access that different staff members need. For example, if you have maintenance staff who need a certain level of access, a master key system will help them to open all the units they are responsible for cleaning.

Master Key Services For Business Owners In Los Angeles 

A business owner who has an office space with several rooms may require differentiated access within a structure. This is a different concern than property managers because doors within a property have to be master keyed instead of the entrances of several buildings. 

In the case of large and small business security in Los Angeles, you have to contend with the fact that certain employees will need keys to at least open and close the office. Because some workers must have keys to the building, employee theft can be a real concern for retail businesses.

But even if your company does not use cash transactions there may be customer information, hardware, and other valuables that could be desired by criminals. There is a lot that you need to protect in order to defend your business.

Master Key Services For Homeowners In Los Angeles 

Many homeowners in Los Angeles treat their house like an office or earn a second income by taking on renters, so they can make sure of master keys in a similar way to Los Angeles business owners and Los Angeles property managers. This is mainly for convenience while layering your security.

You are likely to want to use a few different locks around your home for both interior doors, exterior doors, and perimeter entrances. Because you are going to be carrying around all of your house keys every day, it would be ideal to have your locks keyed alike. But if you have an assistant, gardeners, roommates, etc., you may prefer to not give them the one key that will open every lock.

Closing Advice

There are many advantages in terms of convenience and security that Los Angeles residents and business people can take advantage of by using a master key system. From lowering the number of keys you have to keep track of, to creating secure boundaries for those people who already have keys to a building or home, it all works out in your favor. In order to get the most out of your locks, call a Los Angeles locksmith to design a master key system to suit your needs.

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