What Factors Determine The Cost To Rekey Locks In Los Angeles?

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If you are a homeowner in Los Angeles, it makes sense that at some point you will become interested in how much it costs to rekey locks in Los Angeles. It also makes sense that there are some homeowners who are unfamiliar with what lock rekeying is but do not fear. 

We will answer any questions you might have, and leave you with a better understanding of what goes into rekeying, as well as the cost to rekey locks in Los Angeles. Let’s dive right in:

What Is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying is pretty simple once you get a basic understanding of it. Essentially, if you pay attention to the term rekeying itself, you will get some insight into what the process is. Rekeying is simply “rewiring” the nature of your lock (mostly its pins) so that it now functions with a new key. 

Rekeying is often a much more cost-effective solution that homeowners can explore, instead of completely replacing their locks. This process is usually much cheaper because you do not have to completely replace your lockset

However, what does this tell you about the cost of rekeying locks in Los Angeles? It tells you very little, but now we will explore the factors that determine the cost to rekey locks in Los Angeles.

Which Factors Determine The Cost To Rekey Locks In Los Angeles?

1. How The Lock Is Rekeyed

In many ways, the process that is used to rekey your locks in Los Angeles will determine the cost to rekey locks. This is because the cost is influenced by how the rekeying process is handled, as well as who handles it. 

For instance, if you handle the lock rekeying process yourself as opposed to having a trained residential locksmith in Los Angeles do it, the cost to rekey locks will be different. In many instances, DIY pursuits are quite noble, but they are not always the best choice if you are looking for the best option to save yourself time and money. 

Not only will homeowners in Los Angeles have to assemble the tools required to rekey their locks, but they will also have to take the time to become familiar with the intricate lock rekeying. To save yourself some time and money, it might be a better idea to have a residential locksmith tackle the rekeying. 

2. How Difficult It Is To Rekey The Lock

Not all locks are built the same, so it makes sense that the nature of the lock being rekeyed will directly impact the cost to rekey locks in Los Angeles. Rekeying locks, as hinted at above, is an intricate process that takes time and patience. This often means that the time it takes to rekey the lock itself is tied directly into the cost to rekey locks. 

If the locks you wish to rekey in your Los Angeles home are simple pin tumbler locks, the cost will be much less than if you need to rekey high-security locks. This is simply because high-security locks are built to be a bit more complex, and thus, will take longer to rekey. 

The cost to rekey locks will be much more expensive in this case if it is handled in a DIY fashion because dissecting a high-security lock. And rekeying it is no easy task if you do not have the skills and insight that professional locksmiths are privy to. 

3. How Much The Locks Being Rekeyed Vary

This section is an extension of the one outlined above, but they should not be confused with one another. The difficulty and complexity of the lock itself should not be confused with the variation, even though they are linked. When discussing lock variation, it is more of a call back to the difference in the locks that you might have installed around your home. 

For instance, if you have multiple locks installed in your home that range from rim cylinder deadbolt locks to mortise locks, you should understand that this variation in your locks will also factor into the cost to rekey locks. 

4. How Many Locks Are Being Rekeyed

The final factor that will determine the cost to rekey locks in Los Angeles is usually the quantity of the locks you want to be rekeyed. Similar to some of the other factors described, the quantity of your locks directly impacts the amount of time that will be required to rekey them, thus also directly influencing the cost to rekey locks. 

For homeowners who have multiple locks that they want to be rekeyed, they should understand that regardless of whether they handle this in DIY fashion or employ the services of a locksmith, the number of locks that are rekeyed will determine the cost to rekey locks. 

The cost per lock rekeyed usually works in a very straightforward fashion. Essentially, the cost to rekey locks will be greater if you want to rekey multiple locks, and vice versa. This final cost will be determined by the cost of a Los Angeles Locksmith.

Final Thoughts

Multiple factors come together to determine the cost to rekey locks, but the simplest way to look at the cost is to focus on the amount of time that is being put in to rekey the locks. This will give homeowners the most streamlined approach to determine the cost to rekey locks. 

If you are looking to save time and money when it comes to lock rekeying, then enlist the services of a home locksmith you can trust to get the job done.

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